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Gravity Falls: Tourist Trapped (Book #1 in Gravity Falls series)

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My name is Dipper Pines. My twin sister next to me is about to throw up, her name is Mabel. We were driving a golf cart away from a creature chasing us. We were living a fine life until our parents sent us on a train to Gravity Falls, Oregon to spend the summer with our Great Uncle Stan.


"Hey, Dipper, I need you to go into the creepy woods and hang up these Mystery Shack signs," said Stan.

I left the shack and went to hang up the signs in the forest. I hung up the signs, and when I got to the next tree to get a nail into the tree with my hammer, something was wrong. I hit the hammer against the tree. The tree sounded like steel. I wiped my hand against the tree to reveal an open door. Inside the steel tree was this control panel. I played with some of the controls until a little trap door in the ground opened. I went to the door in the ground and found a book covered in dust with a hand on the front with the number three in the hand. I blew the dust off the book. I opened the book to reveal a piece of paper saying 'Property Of' in a folder hiding the name. The next page had a journal entry written in it. I read the journal entry with the date of June 18th. "It's hard to believe it's been six years since I began researching the strange and wondrous secrets of Gravity Falls, Oregon. In all my travels never have I obseaced so many curious things! Gravity Falls is indeed a geographical oddity," the entry read. "What'cha reading? Some kind of nerd book?" Mabel said out of nowhere. "Uh, no," I said, hiding the book. "What are you hiding from me, Dipper?" Mabel asked me. I looked around. "Let's go some place private," I said. Mabel and I headed back to the Mystery Shack so I could tell Mabel about the book. "The writer wrote entries then he just stopped writing," I began to say. "It's like he disapeared unexpectedly," I finished off saying. "Well, time to spill the beans," Mabel began. Mabel knocked over an empty can of beans. "Beans." Mabel finished.


There was a sudden knock on the door. Mabel ran to the door. It was Mabel's date. "Oh, hello, what's your name?" I asked. "N...Normal," He said. "He means Norm," Mabel said. Mabel squeezed his arm. "Ooh, got some muscle there." Mabel finished. "Uh, Norm, you're bleeding," I told Norm. "It's jam," Norm said. "Shut-up! I love jam!" Mabel told Norm. "So you wanna go hold hands or whatever?" Norm asked. "Oh, oh my goodness," Mabel blushed. Mabel and Norm left the shack.


I went upstairs into a room and sat by the window. I looked out the window, seeing Mabel and Norm. Norm had been holding his hands out in front of him, like a zombie, and walking to Mabel. "I like you," Mabel said. After seeing Norm acting weird, I looked in the book quickly seeing a page about zombies, and imagined the zombie picture as Norm. "Mabel!!!!" I shouted to myself. Soos, one of the workers, was upstairs and heard me. "Dude, what's with the shouting?" Soos asked me. "My sister's date is acting like a zombie and it's weird," I told Soos. I showed Soos the page about the living dead. "Dude, I'm always seeing weird stuff. Like the other day, I was on my lunch break, the mailman, pretty sure that guy's a werewolf," Soos said.


I followed Mabel and Norm around with a camera to see if there was anything weird. After I got all the footage, I looked at it. "There's nothing here," I said, watching the tape until I got to a different tape. In the tape, Norm's arm was behind Mabel's back, and Norm's hand had fallen off! Norm reached over with his other hand and picked up his hand and put it back on!


Mabel came back later, and the next day, she went on another date. "Hey bro, look what happend to me today," Mabel said, turning her head to show her cheek with a red spot on it. Mabel used a leaf blower for kissing practice. "Mabel, do you know the fact that you might be dating a zombie?!" I asked Mabel. "Dipper, that's ridiculous!" Mabel said. "Yeah, but have you realized that he's been acting like a zombie?!" I asked again. "Look, Dipper, Norm and I are going on a date at five o'clock. And you can't interrupt us a single time." Mabel said. There was a knock on the door. Mabel knew it was Norm, so she went to the door and opened it. "How do I look?" Mabel asked. Mabel was wearing a sweater with a cat on it saying 'Meow! Wow!'. "Shiny," Norm said. "You always know what to say," Mabel said. Mabel and Norm left. Mabel and Norm went to the forest. "Mabel, I feel like we've known each other for a while," Norm started. "There's something I gotta tell you." Norm finished. "What is it, Norm?" Mabel asked. 'Please be a vampire, please be a vampire, please be a vampire.' Mabel thought to herself. Norm unzipped his jacket, revealing his body as just a bunch of gnomes! Mabel gasped in shock. "Yeah, I know it's weird," the gnome on the top said. The top gnome made the gnomes on the bottom go on one knee, opening a box with a ring inside. The gnomes had asked Mabel to be their queen! Mabel said no. The gnomes took Mabel into some kind of little cave. I ran outside the shack, looking for a way to rescue Mabel fast enough. I saw Wendy, another worker at the shack. "Wendy!!" I shouted. I ran to Wendy. "Wendy, I need to borrow the cart so I can save my sister from a zombie!!!" I shouted. Wendy gave me the keys to the cart. I got in the cart and started to drive. I stopped and saw Soos. "Dude, here's a shovel for the zombies," Soos said, handing me a shovel. "And here's a bat in case you see a piñata." Soos finished, handing me a bat. "Uh, thanks?" I said. I drove to where Mabel was. Mabel had been kidnapped by gnomes! I cut Mabel free with the shovel Soos had given me. "Hey! You come back here with our queen!" A gnome shouted. I quickly drove away with Mabel. "Gnomes of the forest, essemble!" Jeffery the gnome shouted again. All the gnomes in the cave got together, creating one giant monster gnome and started coming after Mabel and I! The giant gnome threw a tree, blocking the way! I turned the cart, going through the forest, and heading back to the Mystery Shack. The monster followed us there. "I know what to do," Mabel said. "Mabel but-" I started to say. "Dipper, trust me!" Mabel said. "Jeffery, I agreed to be your queen!" Mabel said. The gnome came down from the top and put the ring on Mabel's finger. "Now let's get you back into those woods-" Jeffery started. "You may kiss the bride," Mabel said. "Oh, well, don't mind if I do," Jeffery said. Mabel leaned in for a kiss, then quickly looked behind her and turned on the leaf blower she used earlier for kissing practice. Mabel sucked Jeffery inside the leaf blower, then switched to reverse and shot Jeffery out of the leaf blower which shot all the gnomes out of the giant gnome form and all the gnomes ran away. One of the gnomes got stuck in a piece of trash and Gompers the goat came and took the gnome away, while still stuck in the trash.


"You okay Mabel?" I asked. "Yeah I'm just bummed that my first boyfriend turned out to be a bunch of gnomes," She said.

Who knows what other mysteries are in the weird town of Gravity Falls? I wouldn't know either, but I'm sure there's more.


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