The Tutor ;) (Harry imagine)

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Credit to dirtyimaginesfromanotherworld

I walked into the library ready to tutor Harry. I sit at the back of the library where no one is, and set out the books. Later Harry walks in looking amazing as always.

"Hey y/n." He sat down across from me as I stared at him in awe. He looks amazing, just looking at him I began to get wet. "Hey Harry. Ready to start?" He nodded and then I started explaining to him what he needs to do an he got the hang of it. I went on my phone, reading dirty imagines about him. Damn, people know how to write.

I read about 3 imagines about him and I was extremely wet. "Y/n? Hello? I asked you something like 30 minutes ago and you still haven't answered. What are you doing?" He asked as he grabbed my phone. "Harry! Give that back!" I screamed trying to grab it back. I heard a chorus of 'shhh's. "He flicked his tongue around your clit and you grab onto the sheets letting out a long moan. He inserted his tongue into your entrance. 'Harrrryy' you moan out as he continues." He stopped and smirked. "This is what you read about me?" I tried to think of something quick to cover up everything. "N-No, it's um...about.. Harry Potter. Yeah, he's u-um pretty sexy." He looked at me cryptically. "Then why does it say 'Dirty Harry Styles Imagine'?" I stared wide eyed at him. "I-um-I don't think it says Harry styles. It says Harry Potter. See?" I grabbed the phone and put it in my pocket. He got up and walked behind me, he started kissing my neck an I let out a moan when he kissed my sweet spot. I opened my eyes wide after I moaned, awkward. "Lets ditch tutoring. I have something else to attend to." He said with a wink.

He didn't even pack up our stuff he just pulled me to the parking lot and drove to an abandoned parking lot. He kissed me roughly, pulling me to him, I obeyed and sat on him, straddling his lap. He reclined the seat so he was sitting/lying down. I got pulled down when he did, he ground his hips into mine as I let out a moan and he groaned.

We pulled away breathlessly and I tugged at his shirt as I but on my bottom lip. He let out a moan. "Lip bites are a major turn on." He moaned out as I wiggled on him. I ran my hands down his torso as I bit my lip. He let out a moan/grunt. "Y/n you have no idea what your doing to me." I smirked and unbuttoned his jeans and pulled his trousers with his jeans down to his knees. He put his hand in my shorts and panties, rubbing my clit. I threw my head back an moaned. "Holy shit Harry!"

He ripped my plaid shirt open and the buttons flew everywhere. I was to caught in the moment to care. He unclasped my bra, he took them off and threw them to the back. He pulled my shorts down and I moved my legs up so he could pull them off, he pulled my panties off after and threw them in the back too. I sat in my straddling position again and gave him a rough kiss.

I felt his d*ck get bigger and stand up towards my entrance. I moved down onto him fast, he pulled away from the kiss, threw his head back with his eyes closed, as let out a loud moan. I started moving up and down, moving my hips in a figure eight, he started thrusting his hips up to meet mine. I let out a moan when he thrusted fast and hit my g-spot. "Ugh, Harry!" I threw my head back, still moving up and down as he kept thrusting fast.

My walls clenched around his d*ck, signaling I was close. He moaned and started thrusting harder, going deeper. I closed my eyes, moaning, and my eyes rolling to the back of my head.

"Harry! Fuck! I'm gonna cum!" I shrieked slightly as I felt him start rubbing my clit. "Cum for me babe." He kissed my neck and I felt his lip piercing on my neck, making me have goosebumps. I clenched my walls again as I released onto him. He moaned as I continued clenching and unclenching my walls as I rode him. "Y/n! Shit!" He released as he moaned and thrusted a few more times.

It dawned on me that he ripped my shirt. "Harry, you realize that you ripped my shirt, how am I supposed to go home? I can't go with my shirt ripped open and my bra showing to the world." He smirked as he kissed me passionately. I but his piercing and pulled gently. He let out a grunt and kissed me roughly. We pulled away breathlessly.

"Who said you were going home? I haven't finished. I have a lot of work to do." He said with a quick wink.

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