Calla McCall has always been a push over, her pack does nothing but abuse her and her bother, Anthony, hates her guts. Then she finds out life CAN and WILL get worse. he find her mate in her very own pack. And it's her soon-to-be Alpha Derek Hale. He rejects her right off the bat, saying that she's to fat, ugly and useless to be a Luna. After five years of rejection after her parents died she's finally fed up with there shit. She runs far away from her home, Right into the star pack in California. They make her Alpha and after two years she's a very phisically matured 17 year old girl with curves in all the right places and a flat stomach. Her friends always tell her how they would kill to have her butt and boobs. Which she loves. She is one o the top fighters in the world and super powerful. But what happens when her old pack is forced to live under her protection because of rouge attack? Will Derek want her back? And if he does will she take him back? And what happens when a dark force come, out to destroy her? Read and find out.

This is a fast paced book with twists.

                                               written by me- Gymnast_For_Life104

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