My jaw drops at Sebastian's words.  I probably look pretty stupid, but I can't help it.  This guy is an absolute psychopath!

Suddenly, a door slams open and I jump several inches off of the chair.  One of the guys that was with Damien when they knocked me out comes running in, looking totally out of breath.

"Alpha!  They're here," he pants.

Sebastian's eyebrows furrow, and his lip curls up into a frightening snarl.  "How the hell did they find us already?!"

Damien looks surprised, his usually calm demeanor gone.  "I don't know, Alpha.  We made sure no one was following us!"

Sebastian growls loudly, turning and slamming his fist into the wall, leaving a large hole.  I flinch at his actions, and close my eyes, praying that he doesn't decide to punch me next.  I'm pretty sure that one hit from him would literally kill me on the spot.

"Clearly whatever the hell you thought you did, didn't work!  We're not ready for them!" Sebastian yells, his face turning red, and his cold, grey eyes darkening to almost black.  I remember when Braxton's eyes doing a similar thing when he was mad at me.  Maybe it's a werewolf thing.

"I know, Alpha," Damien says quietly, looking down and exposing the right side of his neck to Sebastian.

The three guys are all silent for a bit, before Sebastian turns towards me, still looking pretty pissed off.  "Your little mate may have won this time, but don't think that you've seen the last of me.  I don't leave my business unfinished."

With that threat, Sebastian turns and walks angrily out the door, with Damien and mystery guy right behind him.  I wait a few moments, hearing them getting farther and farther away, before I throw my uneaten apple to the floor and start using my free hand to untie the other.

The ropes are super tight, and they take me several minutes to undo.  Once I do, I rub my stinging wrist and stand up.  I almost fall over the second I'm on my feet, as both of my legs are literally asleep.  I must have been out for quite a while for my legs to feel like this.

For real though, what is it with me and sleeping, fainting, or being knocked out recently?

After my legs regain their strength, I make my way out the door that Sebastian, Damien, and the other guy went out.  The rest of the building is no better than the room I was previously in, and I shiver because of how cold it is.  I see a staircase and figure that I must be in a basement.

I jog over to the old wooden staircase that looks like it could fall apart at any second.  It should hold me through, as it must have stayed in one piece when the guys went up it a few minutes ago.

As quietly as I possibly can, I walk up the staircase, careful to avoid any creaks.  As I get closer and closer to the top, I hear what sounds like a huge fight.  There are growls, yells, and even whimpers.  I swallow my fear, knowing that this is the only way out.

I reach the top of the stairs and find myself in an old, abandoned house.  I see a large window, so I go over and crouch down underneath it.  The fighting noises are even louder here, and I can only assume it looks like a war zone outside.

But, I can't help my curiosity, and move the curtains over a fraction in order to peak out, only to find out that my fears are confirmed.  There are at least fifty wolves outside the house, literally fighting each other.  I know that they are all werewolves, based on the fact that they attack each other just as humans would.

I scan the fight, looking to see if there are any cars that I can use to get out of here.  I find none, but I do see Braxton and Asher, both in their human form, fighting with Damien and the guy he was with before. I don't see Sebastian anywhere.

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