Chapter 2wo ~The Concert

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*Wynter's POV*

"I CANT BELIEVE I'M ACTUALLY GOING TO MEET ONE DIRECTION!" I screamed from the top of my lungs resulting in Scarlet copying me and Aqua just laughing at us. I have had a terrible life, but One Direction's music always helped me through it. This is sonethig I've only fantasized about but now I get to meet them in real like! I had to pinch myself multiple times to make sure I was awake.

I had to borrow some of Aqua and Scarlet's clothing. I was wearing Scarlet's oversized, but stylish over the shoulder white sweater, black jeans, and a pair of her black wedged sneakers. I had borrowed some jewelry from Aqua and a black headband/bow. ( For once I felt pretty and I felt like I should be noticed.

They sat me in the edge of Aqua's bed and began covering up the hideous scars from the previous night. They were already dressed for the concert and they looked fabulous. (If you can't load it I'll describe it. It's a black pair of high waist shorts, an over the shoulder black sweater with a red kiss on it, white heels with the toe part opened, red nails, a red bow, and silver rose jewelry.) Scarlet's hair was straightened to perfection.

And Aqua in this: (it's a black over the shoulder sweater with the word "hope" written across the top in white letters, black skinny jeans, and she wore topaz and silver jewelry, along with black wedged heels.) Aqua's hair was curled.

When they stepped away from me I walked over to the mirror and a smile crept upon my face, you couldn't see any of the marks from my dad. I pulled them into a hug. "You guys are the best." I said with a smile.

At the same time they replied, "I know." They looked at each other wide-eyes and yelled, "Jinx!" "Double Jinx!" "Triple Jinx!" l placed my hands over their mouths and said, "Come on! We have five smexy British boys to watch!" We all scrambled into Aqua's black 2012 Nissan and listened to "Favourite Record" during the drive.

*At The Concert*

"Holy mother of fudge this place is HUGE!" Aqua gasped doing a little happy dance. We were already in our seats and I have to say that these were the best seats EVER. We were in the front row a little towards the left end of the stage. I was between Scarlet who was smiling like a lunatic and Aqua who was jumping up and down, ignoring the fact that she wore heels. I was kind of afraid she would explode from happiness.

"HOW ARE YOU ALL DOING TONUGHT?!" a voice yelled and Louis Tomlinson appeared on stage. The crowd screamed. Next, Zayn came out and I grabbed hold of Scarlet's hand to make sure I wouldn't faint. He was my favourite!

I was laughing at Scarlet who was screaming Harry's name and Aqua who was on the verge of tears when Niall appeared. I hoped Zayn would notice me (Senpai), but that was unlikely. 'Oh well, just enjoy the night' I thought. Oh beloved me, I will enjoy it a lot!

'Are you fans excited for the show?!" Harry asked. Another deafening scream was heard. "We have something to tell all you girls in the crowd!" then the beat to 'What Makes You Beautiful" began to Play and they started singing.

You're insecure, don't know what for. You're turnin'heads when
You walk through the do-o-or.
Don't need make-up, to cover up.
Being the way that you are is eno-o-ugh.

Everyone else in the room can see it. Everyone else but you-ou.

Baby, you light up my world like nobody else. The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed. But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell. You don't know, oh, oh. You don't know you're beautiful!

If only you saw what I can see. You'll understand why I want you so desperately. Right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe. You don't know oh oh. You don't know you're beautiful!

So c-come on, you got it wrong. To prove I'm right I put it in a so-o-ong. I don't know why you're being shy, and turn away when I look into your ey-y-eyes.

I almost died when Zayn sang his solo because 1. His voice is sooo mesmerizing and 2. Because he looked. At. Me! I blushed as he kept looking at me. When the song was over I saw him walk over to Louis and whisper something then they both turned to look at me! I stood there with my mouth open.

"OH. MY. EFFIN. GOD" Aqua said as she looked at me. "ZAYN WAS TOTALLY EYEING YOU WYNTER!!!" she screamed. I yelled, "I KNOW!" All three of us hugged and did a little happy dance then returned our focus back on the concert.

After about an hour in a half they announced that they were about to do there last song. I wanted to cry because this was such an amazing night and I never wanted it to end.
Throughout the night Zayn kept sending me glances and every time Aqua or Scarlet would notify me even though I already knew.

They began to sing "Stole My Heart" and I stopped breathing. I EFFIN LOVED THIS SONG.

I watched them lean down to high five the fans. I prepared myself to detach Aqua from Niall because if he touched her hand she'd become his new bracelet. What I didn't prepare for was Louis handing me a slip of paper. With my hands trembling I opened it and read it. "stay in your seats when the concert ends. Security will get you and bring you to us ;);) -Louis xx" I didn't think my night could get any better but apparently it did. My head shot up and Louis winked at me making me blush crimson red.

"AQUA!!! SCARLET!!!" I screamed over the defeaning screams of fans. They looked over at me with confused faces before I showed them the note. They tackled me into a gentle hug. We were all screaming and smiling like idiots anxious for the people to hurry up and leave.

The boys thanked their fans, said goodnight, and walked off the stage. We continued to stay seated as people began to leave the building VERY slowly, I might add. Some of the girls were dressed slutty and wore pounds of make up which made me gag, and some were dressed in styles the boys would wear, only these were made for girls. I saw some girls bawling their eyes out and some wearing huge smiles on their faces.

We began wondering why they wanted to see us and Scarlet simply implied that they all thought "We were Smexy and they wanted to marry us" which made Aqua giggle. But I thought otherwise. I quietly asked myself why Louis gave me the paper. He had a girlfriend. To be more direct, he had THE Eleanor Calder. I definitely wasn't the prettiest girl here and he barely looked at me. This made me flinch because reality rushed back to smack me in the face and reminded me that I'm broken. I'm ugly. Scarred. Thinking this made me feel nauseous but I put that aside when I saw the 3hree bodyguards come towards us and guided us back stage. I was shaking and holding onto my friends for dear life when I looked at the guard who resembled my dad. I tried my best to ignore him and pretend like he wasn't even there. We were led to a small room with couches and a mini fridge. "You may eat and drink anything in the fridge." The guard told us and Aqua instantly ran up to it and kissed it and I laughed at the expression on his face. "The boys will be with you in about 15 minutes." He left and we were alone.

I went into the bathroom that was connected to the room and did my business. I braced myself against the sink and held back a groan. I felt like I'd been hit with a metal baseball bat 10 zillion times and my lungs hurt so bad I wanted to sink to the floor and cry. It was as if every time I move, I'd get jabbed in the ribs with a knife. I saw a bottle of air freshener and sprayed it onto my clothing, it wasn't perfume but it was better than smelling like sweat. Suddenly I heard a loud shout and almost screamed. Then I heard a ton of laughter and deep voices. I walked out the bathroom.

There they were all seated on the couch with the girls. All 5ive members of One Direction.

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