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Laura's POV

That night we decided to celebrate his results by walking along the beach and then laying under the stars.
We brought a beach towel out to lay on as we peacefully heard the waves moving along the shore.
It was a calm summer evening, a little chilly but not cold.

Min Jae and Yuri really wanted to come too but it was already past their bedtime and they were beginning to drift off inside.

Jimin laid to the left of me.

Jimin's POV

As we laid there I looked at her as she stared up at the stars like they're the most beautiful thing in the world, while I stared at her thinking that she's the most beautiful thing in the world.

"Do you see any constellations" She suddenly asked.

I shuffled my head to look up at the sky.

Laura's POV

He went to grab for the stars with his left hand, I giggled.

"What's so funny?"

I lifted up my right hand and met his. I squeezed his fingers.

"Your hands are so chubby and adorable!"

I could sense him smiling and then all of a sudden we interlocked fingers.

We turned inwards on one side to face each other, with our interlocked hands between us at our chests slowly pulling apart and lacing over each others backs.
This got us even closer.

Quietly, we just stared into each other's eyes. His glistened even in the darkness, sending a warm feeling to my stomach.

As he began to draw circles in my back with the soft touch of his fingers I thought to myself..

What am I doing?

I shouldn't be doing this.

I can't lead this guy on.

It dawned on me that after summer he's going to be on the other side of the country starting afresh.
He's not going to remember some summer fling like me.
He's bound to meet some amazing girl at university.
I didn't even want to start something so soon after what happened with my ex.
I didn't think I could trust myself to let go in someone again.

Why did I get so engrossed in him this summer if I knew it was only temporary?

I quickly took my arm from around him and sat up.

"Uh, it's quite late, I think I should go in."

I paced back to the beach house while he grabbed the towel and chased me up before I got to my door.

"Laura, what happened?"

"Nothing, I was supposed to be in a while ago and it's getting late, you should rest."

"But we've only been out for five minutes."

"I just can't. I'm going inside."

"Well, will I see you tomorrow?"

"Um, maybe." I gave him a little uncertain smile and closed the door.

I exhaled loudly.

I put a hand on my hip and the other rubbing my forehead, shaking my head and then headed upstairs.

The next morning~

I looked at my phone, there was a text from Jimin.

Morning :) What do you wanna do today?

I really didn't want to face Jimin again so I pretended to be sick, staying as far apart from him as I could.
I kept making excuses not to come out. I was feeling just horrible through Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Even my parents were worried about me, wondering why I was just wasting the days away in my bed just reading.

Ok sorry it's a short chapter and I haven't updated in foreverrrrr but here's an update ☺️
Hopefully going to finish chapter 8 too and upload that soon!
I've explained on the 23rd chapter of my fic Let Me Know why I've been away for so long :/
Thank you for all your lovely comments and for liking my story :)
- Laura

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