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Pen Your Pride


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My cell phone rang, when I looked at the screen I smiled. Calum. Ok (Y/N), relax. Breathe deeply. It was Calum, your soulmate, your brother territory. I shook my head. "Hello?" I asked, "Hey (Y/N), whatsupp?" Calum asked me, "Actually nothing special, you hear a moment? I'm here, a few streets near to your house, are you free now?" He asked me, I looked at the clock on the wall, "Oh yeah, my parents are at a wedding and I'm here alone in the house." I said, "Okay, I'm coming." He said and hung up.

Not gone more than five minutes and the door bell rang, I looked in the mirror, I smiled. I went to the door and when I opened it I saw Calum standing right in front of me, smiling. "Hi Babe. I missed you!" He said, hugging me. "Same here! Since joining One Direction to their tour we didn't had enough time to talk." I told him, he nodded. He went inside and closed the door behind him.

"I brought some popcorn. Possible to prepare and watch a movie. What do you say?" He said, "Sounds great. Quiet evening at home." I said with with a little smile and warmed up the popcorn. When I finished I applied to heat the popcorn bowl of popcorn to Calum and sat next to him after I poured us glasses of orange juice.

When we saw the film there were some romantic scenes. I was embarrassed. "Babe what's wrong?" Calum asked me, I shook my head. "Nothing Calum. Really." I said, "I know you (Y/N), go ahead and tell me." He said, when he saw that I was not going to say so, he looked at the TV right after he realized where my eyes watching. He smiled and raised his hand to my forehead. I was scared from his touch. I stepped back.

"What happened?" He asked me, "Hmm -" I told him shyly. He grinned and raised his hand to the front of his head .breathe gurl breathe ! I swallowed my cl!t. He looked in my eyes and I looked into his eyes. He approached me,! What are you doing? Don't move. This is Calum, Calum only. His lips pressed to my lips, my heart was pounding. It took me a second to figure out what's going on here before I kissed him back. I wrapped my arms around his neck.

We made our way to my bedroom . He laid me down into my big bed ! He looked up at me and i smiled. He started to lean in and i did too. He slid his tongue into my mouth and i started playing with his tongue . After a couple minutes of a make out session with him, he pulled away. I pulled his shirt off and threw it on the floor. "Are you sure you wanna do this?" Calum asked me . You smile and nod. Calum nodded and pulled my top off. I were a Virgin, but was happy to be losing it to the guy that i love really much !

He got on top of me and started kissing down my neck. I let out a soft moan and he started biting over his kisses, leaving love bites. I moaned a little bit louder and he took his tongue, and licked all over my places. I've got wetter and wetter within the second.He took himself off my neck and went down to your clit. His eyes widened and he said,"Wow. You're already wet?" I blushed and he smiled.

He entered me. The pain was terrible. "what happened babe ?" He asked me, "It hurts." I said, tears fell from the coner of my eyes. He wiped my tears away and kissed my lips. "Don't worry. It will hurt at first but then it'll fell gorgeus ." He said. It was amazing, all his love , his thoughtfulness. "Thank you." I whispered to him, he smiled at me.

The pain became pleasure. I moaned with pleasure. He moaned my name. And I moaned his name. "Calum, i think I'm going to come babe." I said, "Wait a second." He said, finishing a few little things. Then i felt our
Juices mixed with each others . We both came at the same time ! he laid down next to me . it was quiet but then he asked me something !

"I know it's your first time, you're were virgin., But I must ask you, did it just because you feel or have reason could you tell me before I tried." He asked

"I-I love you Calum." I said, "There, I said it. After so many years." Told him and his eyes opened wide. He smiled and kissed my lips passionately, "What," I asked, "I love you." Calum said, smiling. finally! We kissed passionately. when the movie ended we went up to my room, we went to take a shower together. when we got out of the shower lay down on my bed and fell asleep holding each other.

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