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*Lilly's pov*

Ross pushed me Down in our bed. He took off his jacket before he laid down on top of me. He slipped his tongue inside my mouth and i felt my nipples harden already.

"Wait wait wait." I Said.

"What?" I told him to move so i could get my dress off.

"Okay i'm ready for You to f•ck me hard."

"Well come then!" He ordered. He unbuttoned his pants and took them of and laid on top of me again. He untied my bra and played with my bo0bs. We both pulled away.

"You're not going to walk tomorrow. That's how hard i'm going to f•ck You, you dirty little thing." Ross Said.

"Suck." He pointed at his D¡ck.

"Oh yeah?"

"You have been naughty today You better do a good job."

I pulled his boxers Down and licked the tip of his D¡ck. I slowly took more and more down Into my mouth until my mouth was full of his D¡ck. He soon came in my mouth. I swallowed it all.

"Good girl. Now i'm hungry!" He pushed me down in the bed again and ripped off my panties. He spread my legs and started eat me out. He sucked my cl¡t. I moaned so loud i swear they could hear me in Europe. He put 3 fingers inside me with no warning. He f•cked my hard with his finger while sucking on my cl¡t. I came all over his fingers and he ate all of it. He put on the cond0m and took my one leg up on his shoulder. I still have my shoes on. He started to thrust inside me. Slow and only the first part of his d¡ck. He thrusted deeper and deeper and faster. Very fast. And hard. We moaned out loud. He kept thrusting faster. Every time i tought he couldn't do it faster or harder he did. Suddenly i felt something inside me. Beside his D¡ck..

We both stopped thrusting and looked Into each others eyes.

"Did the cond0m..."

"Break." He finished my sentence.

*Riker's pov*

"I have waited 4 whole days for this!" I exclaimet. We both took off our clothes and threw it on the floor.

I sucked her b0obs until they Were Stone hard. She gave me a handjob mean while.

"What do You feel Like doing today?" I asked.

"69." Melissa replied.


We laid Down in her bed with my face burred Down in her p•ssy. I did my magic as good as i could while being really close to an orgasm. Sticking my tongue Into her hitting her g-spot perfectly. I rubbed her clit with my fingers. We came at the same time and her juices filled my mouth. Her juices is better than beer. It's even better than food it tastes so good! I licked it all and kept licking even though i cleaned her from juices completly.



"F*ck me. Now. Hard." I found a condom and put it on.

We both Got up from the bed and i lifted her up. She put her legs around my waist as i pushed her up against the Wall. We both started to thrust and moan. I should go to weddings more often. Her walls tightned and my D¡ck grew even bigger.

*Ratliff's pov*

"Do You have energy to do it today?" I asked.

"Yes! I always have." She smirked.

"Good.." If i don't make her pregnant this time we will have to adopt...

She had taken her wedding dress off already and laid with only underwear on under the duvet.

"Masturbate for me. It would so sexy." I told her. She bite her lip but didn't argue. She removed the duvet and made her self comfortable. She rubbed her cl¡t outside her panties. She played with her bo0bs too. God i was right this is SO sexy.

She slowly moved her hand Down in her panties and gave her self a finger. She moaned louder and louder and closed her eyes. I felt my self get hard.

She made her self come and i fast pulled her panties off so i could eat her out. I finished and I just needed her. I pulled my self Into her and started thrusting. She thrusted too. I came 2 times inside her before i stopped and pulled my self out. We both collapsed on the bed. We got under the duvet and held each other hands.

"Night my wife."

"Goodnight husband."


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