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Hakeem has finally convinced Malia to sit down and meet with her mother, but the way he did it was so unfair. He waited until she was too lost in their sexual bliss to ask her to reconsider, and she just started saying yes multiple time. Who knew he actually expected her to go through with it? Now here she is sitting in her dad's dining room at his Ranch and her childhood home, she has been battling nausea and lost of sleepiness all week for some reason. Her dad is at the head of the table as they wait for her mother to arrive, she reaches for her glass of wine but stops as that nausea feeling bubbles once again in the pit of her stomach and she tastes it in her throat.

"Pumpkin, are you ok" her dad asks?

She sets her glass down and pushes her chair back before running out of the dining room and upstairs into the bathroom, dropping down on her knees she lifts the seat up as all her stomach contents fly out her mouth. Her dad is now outside of the bathroom door listening to her, he hates seeing his baby girl in any type of pain or stress.

"Honey are you alright" he asks?

"Yeah dad, Keem and I had a long night at the studio and I probably ate some bad take out" she calls back as she stands up flushing the toilet.

She walks over to the sink seeing small bags forming under her eyes, cutting the sink water on; she cups her hands and fills them up before tossing it on her face. Reaching over grabbing a towel, she accidentally knocks something on the floor. After drying her face and hands, she brushes her teeth with an extra tooth brush she keeps over here before picking up the object. Once she sees what she has knocked down, her face gets paler and she turns to the toilet to once again throw up. Ten minutes later, she is finally able to step back in the dining room to see her wine replaced with ginger ale. She smiles at her dad before taking a sip of it and calming her stomach, she then sees his eyes move above her head and look almost empty. Looking behind her, she sees a tall but petite woman with rich fair skin; her dark hair pulled back in a bun with red rimmed glasses on her face. She has on a tan trench coat and a black purse in her hands.

"Malia I would like you to meet your mother, Clarica Lenore Price" her dad says.

"Hello Malia, my you have grown up to be a beautiful young woman. My Puma it has been years" Clarica says.

"Your choice" he says.

"I was never given much of a choice but that is in the past now" Clarica says taking off her jacket and sitting on the right of Malia.

"What have you been up to all of these years" Puma asks?

"I've traveled the world and now I own a major league fashion company" she says.

Malia just pushes around the broccoli on her plate, her appetite is not really there no more since her mother walked in.

"You have the time to travel the world but not come see your own daughter" Malia asks?

"I knew your father would raise you right" Clarica says.

"But what about teaching me womanly things? Like boys, periods, purburty and sex? There are some things only a mother should tell a daughter" Malia snaps.

"I just couldn't be around this environment anymore" her mom says taking a sip of her wine.

"But you could leave your newborn daughter in it, ok" Malia says nodding her head.

"I know I have not been around, but I am still your mother" Clarica states.

"No a mother doesn't leave her child. A mother will put her child's needs before her own, a mother is one who is there for their child. You may be the woman who gave birth to me but you are not my mother" Malia spits harshly before standing up grabbing her coat and her purse.

"That's enough Malia sit down" Puma growls.

"I'm not a little girl anymore daddy, you can't tell me what to do" Malia says walking towards the front door before stopping and turning to face her 'mother'.

"Oh and mother, I am signed to Lyon Dynasty. I am dating Hakeem and yes we are having sex daily" Malia states before walking out.


Hakeem is in his condo scrolling through some beats on his laptop for Minage a Trois when there is a knock at his door, climbing off of his pool table he walks looking through the peephole to see Malia. He opens the door with a smile but it turns into a frown when he sees tears in her eyes, she looks up at him before he takes her hand and pulls her in closing the door behind her.

"Is this about your mom" he asks?

"That woman isn't my mom! She sat in my damn face and gloated about how successful she is, not once did she ask about my life. What type of person can gloat in self achievement when their own child has been through hell for twenty one years because she chose to leave" she snarls plopping down on the couch and taking off her shoes.

"Babe I'm sorry" Hakeem says wrapping his arm around her and letting her rest her head on his chest as she wipes off her tears.

Malia turns in his arms and then remembers the box that is stuffed in her purse, sitting up she looks at Hakeem while biting her bottom lip.

"Um Keem, I need to talk to you" she says.

"About what" he asks?

"Remember our first time" she asks?

"Yeah, I can never forget it" he says.

"Well you know how these past few days, I've been sick and really tired" she asks?

"Yeah" he says confused completely.

She stands up and starts pacing while tapping her fingers together.

"I thought it was just food poisoning. Well I went to my dad's house I knocked a box down and I then realized something" she says.

"What was the box" he asks?

"Tampons but that's not important. I realized that I am late" she says and stops right in front of him so she can face him.

"Late as in what" Hakeem asks?

Malia walks over picking her purse off the floor and grabbing the box from inside before walking over to Hakeem, he reaches over grabbing it out her hands.

"First Response pregnancy test" he asks?

"Yeah, I mean the signs make sense and I have never been late before except when I was birth control which I am not" she says.

"There's only one way to find out" he says handing her the box back.

Malia looks at him before nodding and pulling the test out, she hands him the box with the results coloring on it before walking into his bathroom closing the door. Hakeem falls back on the couch and runs his hands over his head, he is only twenty one and at the height of his career. But he loves Malia, he knows that for a fact. If she is pregnant he will embrace it, if not then he knows that he has to be more careful when they are in bed. The bathroom door opens a while later and she has the stick in her hand.

"Hey babe, what does the color blue mean" she asks? Hakeem looks at the box in his hand scanning the back before looking back up at her.

"It means you're pregnant" he says.

Malia drops the stick in her hand as she looks at him, he probably hates her and feels like she is trapping him.

"I'll leave now" she says picking up her things when Hakeem grabs her around the waist more gently now that she is carrying his baby. He turns her around in his arms before sliding his hand down to rest on her stomach.

"Inside of you rests our baby. The next child in the Lyon bloodline, our child will be a legacy. You are carrying royalty" Hakeem says.

"What about what your parents and brothers will think about me" she asks?

"This baby was made out of love, so he or she isn't a mistake" Hakeem says.

"I'll schedule an appointment tomorrow to see how far along I am" she says.

He smiles before picking up in from around her back and kissing her passionately as he walks them towards his bedroom.  

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