Harry's P.O.V

"You know, if she continues this, my life is going to turn hell when you go on tours." Tahira said and I chuckled

"We'll think of something. I don't want to leave her either." I said and she smiled slightly before taking Ameera out of my arms while she let out a small sound of protest making us both chuckle.

"There's lunch in the microwave. You go have something while I feed her." Tahira said and I nodded before we both walked inside.

Tahira immediately went into the bedroom closest to her while I walked into the kitchen and opened the microwave. I smiled when I noticed she had made tacos and took the plate out.

But when I sat down to eat it, it didn't feel right. Like something was missing, like something wasn't there. And I soon realised what. Picking up the plate, I stood up and walked over to the room Tahira was feeding Ameera in and walked in without knocking on the door.

Tahira looked at me in surprise, her eyes wide "Harry!" She exclaimed but I just sat down in front of her on the bed and crossed my legs under me. I picked up a taco and held it out in front of her mouth

"It didn't feel right. Eating without you." I said and a soft smile came on her face before she carefully took a bite.

"There. Now you have your lunch. I'll join you in a while." Tahira said but I shook my head, taking a bite out of the same taco

"No, I'm staying. I'll feed you." I said but before she could protest, I put the taco in her opened mouth. She gave me narrowed eyes but I pretended not to notice and took the taco out of her mouth after she took another bite.

In the end, she gave in and let me feed her. We silently ate them and the silence was broken by Ameera who was satisfied that her stomach was full and let out a loud burp after a few moments of Tahira rubbing her back which made me laugh.

That night, instead of having Ameera sleep between us like always, I picked her up from the bed and put her in her cot. When I turned towards the bed, Tahira was looking at me confused. I gave her a smile and jumped on the bed next to her making her give out a surprised gasp but then she laughed slightly.

I pulled Tahira to me and she buried her face in my neck, letting out a soft sigh "It's been a while since we slept like this." She said and I nodded, wrapped my arms tightly around her waist

"I know, love. I've missed holding you." I said and kissed her forehead before placing my cheek on her head "Goodnight, darling." I whispered but didn't get a reply. When I looked down, I saw that she was already asleep. A smile came on my face before I placed my cheek back on her head and closed my eyes.


I was leaning against my car, phone in my hand as I randomly scrolled through it while I waited.

A bell rang and as soon as it did, I removed the sunglasses I was wearing and pushed them on my head. I put my phone back in my pocket as small kids eagerly came flooding out of the school. One particular kid catching my attention.


I heard someone shout and a large grin came on my face when I saw a small four year old girl running towards me, a large grin on her face too. Her hair was long but neatly tied into a ponytail. A bag was hanging off her shoulders, bouncing as she ran towards me and her green eyes gleamed with excitement.

I stood up straight and took a few steps forward before bending down on my knees with my arms outstretched. She crashed into me, wrapping her arms tightly around my neck while I wrapped my arms around her small waist

I placed a kiss on her cheek "How was school?" I asked and she pulled back, keeping her hands on my shoulder and smiled

"It was good! I miss you, daddy. How tour?" She asked and I smiled at her attempt of trying to ask me how my tour was. I came back home this morning from tour after five months of being gone; and despite Tahira telling me to stay, I insisted I'll pick Ameera up from school to surprise her since she thought I wasn't going to be home for another week.

"It was good. I missed you, too, princess." I said and she smiled before giving me a sloppy, but big kiss to my cheek, making me smile widely "Now, let's go home, shall we? Mummy's waiting for us." I said and she nodded eagerly.

"Mummy!" Ameera shouted as we entered the house and she ran into the kitchen

"Now, Ameera. What do we say when we greet each other?" I heard Tahira ask and Ameera sheepishly reply

"Assalam..." She trailed off and Tahira chuckled just as I entered the kitchen. Ameera was sitting up on the counter, looking very deep in thought with a cute little frown on her face while Tahira stood in front of her but had her back facing me

"'Alaikum." Tahira continued for Ameera and a large smile came on her lips before she repeated what Tahira had said

"Walaikum 'assalam, meri jaan. School kaisa tha?" (My life (sometimes can be taken as darling... I think). How was school?) Tahira asked after placing a kiss to Ameera's forehead. Tahira always talked to Ameera in her own language. Wanting her to learn it too instead of just learning English. Though for me it was confusing at first, what she was saying to Ameera, I soon learned a few words myself.

"Accha, mummy. Daddy picked me up!" (Good, mummy.) Ameera said and that's when Tahira turned towards me and subconsciously I felt my eyes widen in surprise when up they landed on Tahira's stomach.

She was pregnant again.

It was big as if she could go in labour any time now. But I smiled and walked over to them, placing my around around Tahira's waist while she smiled at me and then turned back to Ameera

"Are you happy he did?" Tahira asked and we both chuckled when Ameera nodded eagerly with a large grin "Very much!" Ameera said and I playfully raised my eyebrows

"How much?" I asked and then she spread her arms as wide as she could. I gaped at her in childish wonder before picking her up in my arms and resting her on my hip "That much?" I asked and she nodded eagerly again before wrapping her arms around my neck

"I love you, daddy." She said and over her shoulder, Tahira and I exchanged smiles "I love you, too, princess." I said and saw tears glistening Tahira's eyes so I raised an arm for her and she chuckled before walking into them and hugging us both.

My two girls.


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