Jessi & Sydney

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Jessi & Sydney, Sydney & Jessi... 2 peas in a pod, They are best friends, Jessi Dale is a boy, Sydney Links is a girl, they can be Best Friends right?

They are, They have been friends since Pre School and now they are in High School holding all the past in their hearts.

What happens when Jessi starts to have feelings for Sydney but Sydney only sees him as a friend going out with other boys that only makes Jessi Jealous.

What happens when Jessi tries to get Sydney jealous by going out with the hottest girl in the school... The Secrets will be found out.


Hope u like this book.

This book will be going and will not be held back, it will go on with Living With Them, and the story with the most Votes on hold will be going on after this book stops BD


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