Chapter 13

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I just finished tucking in Shilo to bed. Good thing he was fast asleep. I still can't believe we are already here in Lucian's penthouse. I still can't believe that we are really doing this. That I don't have a choice but to agree on this.

Dont worry Mia, 3 months. Thats only it and everthing will be back to normal. I reminded myself. Three months and this will be over. I walk to the room that I will be occupying for three months starting now.

I remembered our conversation the a while ago.

"What if I make you fall in love with me?"  Lucian asked me.

What's got into him why would he want to marry me?

Well of course what else? he'll need to have his complete right to Shilo and that's by marrying me.

He is really out of his mind.

I inhaled deeply.

I turned the knob of the door and open it. Good thing that Lucian is not yet here. He is still working at the other room.I did peak at his office room to say goodnight but he was busy talking to someone on his laptop, too busy to notice that I open the door. I looked and studied him for couple of minutes. He is definitely focused on what he is doing. I think he was briefing someone on the laptop. Well businessman will do  what a businessman needs to do.  Its better that way so I will be able to sleep before he comes in. Atleast its not awkward trying to sleep while I know he is just one step or one turn away.

Well that could be a great reason that we can use to reason out to Shilo that we aren't compatible anymore and he is too busy with his business to have a time for a family. I'll tell Lucian about that later. For now I should be thinking of sleeping before he finish his business stuff.

I roamed my eyes around the room. Everything about this room screams masculinity. From his ash colored curtains, to the dark blue wall paint to the white master's bedroom covers. I shivered.

Shit! I will be staying in this room with a man that I barely even knew. I shook my head to remove the unwanted thoughts. Better yet take a quick shower and sleep immediately.This is all for Shilo so I have to endure this. I inhaled deeply then made my way to the bathroom.


I felt dryness in my throat yet I still felt sleepy and don't want to move. My eyelids are so dead tired heavy. God I dont want to go down stairs just to get something to drink. I have my shift later so I would still like to stay in bed for couple of hours more.

Oh wait yeah there's a water pitcher and glass on my side table. Good thing that I make it to a point to always put a pitcher of water on my bed side table .
All I have to do is to force my eyes to open and make a little effort on moving. I started moving slowly...

Wait... There's an arm on my waist. Its seems that Shilo decided to invade my bed again. I smiled. He is really a sweet kid. Carefuly I try to remove his arms on my waist.. Then I suddenly noticed something...

Big arms?!??..... Arm hairs!?!

What the hell!!!!!

That made every nerves in my body awake and made my eyes shot wide open. I screamed my lungs out. Making the person besides me woke up and immediately sit up and turned the table light that instantly illuminated us.

"What the hell Mia!Why are you screaming like that!" He exclaimed sleepily.His eyes looking at me intently.His face has a tint of irritation. Of course with the scream I did that would even freak out the living dead. But instead of answering his question my eyes went down to his perfectly sculptured chest then wandered further down to his perfectly shaped torso and to his white boxer shorts, that apparently the only garment he has on.

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