Chapter 7

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"Can you not be so into this?" I ask Ashley as she stares at the television.

"Please. Jersey Shore is the shiz."

"You just lost major points with me, first for saying 'the shiz'" I say, air quotes and everything. "And for liking Jersey Shore." I mean, basically it's just a reality show about a bunch of people from the 'New Jersey Area' who like to tan, have t-shirt time and sleep with girls. Ooooh. Fun.

"How can you not like this Spence? It's hilarious."

"But is it meant to be though?" I ask, completely serious.

She shrugs and continues watching it. Sometimes I don't get why I love this girl, we are so totally different when it comes to T.V shows, music, food, you name it and we're probably the opposite of each other.

"I love you." She says randomly, giving me her best smile. I swear she knows me so well cause I was about to get my ass up and go upstairs, but now, how can I?

"I love you more." I kiss her, the kiss getting a little more heated then I planned. She broke the kiss to grab the remote of the table to turn the T.V off.

Reconnecting our lips with the same intensity as before.

"Fuck Jersey Shore." She mumbled into my lips, making me smile. Yeaaaah. Fuck it.

It's been a whole week since Ashley left and I feel like I'm going through withdrawals. Is it possible to go through withdrawals from missing someone so much?

"Why don't you just call her?" Madison asks me putting my MacBook down on the floor. Oops. Guess I was out of it again. We're laying on my bed in my room and I'm right back to my depressed ol' self.

"Cause, she said she was gonna call me when she wasn't busy." I say glancing over at my phone on the nightstand, willing it to ring.

"When is Ashley not busy these days?" I give Madison a look.

I mean, I know she's right but she doesn't have to remind me of it.

"She has a lot going on there, and I get that but ugh, I just feel like something else is going on."

"Something like what?" Madison asks, sitting up.

"I don't know. I just got this feeling."

You know what feeling I'm talking about. That one where you feel like your girlfriend is slowly drifting away from you cause other things or people are occupying her time.

"Why don't you just go visit her then, like this weekend or something?" Madison suggests. I mean it wouldn't be a bad idea if I had the money.

"How in the hell am I gonna pay for a plane ticket there?" Madison has this look on her face like she already has a plan.

"You leave that up to me." She smiles then whips out her phone and starts texting away.

"Okay. But you better not do anything illegal Madison." I joke but really I'm so serious cause Madison is known to break a law or two.


I don't know what Madison did, or how she did it and at this point I really don't even care but I'm on the plane and on my way to South Carolina right now. More specifically I'm on a plane to SC with Madison. Can you say most awesomest best friend ever!

And I so totally know awesomest is not a word but that's the word I felt like using. OKAY?


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