FortyOne-Seeing Her

Magsimula sa umpisa

"but when i went away i cant even consider myself middle class. i'm poor as a rat." Venice said and chuckled. tinignan ko si Alaine. nakatingin lang sya sa dalawang to. and there's something in her eyes. Jealousy and envy is evident in her eyes.

of course she'll feel that way. Leila rejected all her efforts to be close to her. Leila never love her gifts the way she did with Venice.

"oh my, what happened to your hair?" Leila looks horrified when she noticed Venice's hair. i am horrified too. she loves her hair so much. why the heck did she let it be cut that short?

"I had it cut." she politely replied.

"but whyy?" Leila whinned.

"bakit? di ba bagay sakin to?" she replied. nakangiti na sya ngayon kay Leila.

"everything looks good on you. its just that. i miss your hair. you love your long hair right? why did you had it cut that short?" Leila said sadly. i kissed Alaine's hair but my ears are waiting for her answer. and in my peripheral vision i saw her closed her eyes and covered her face with her hair.

"kasi babe i have to. i need to do this for myself. hindi mo pa kasi maiintindihan kasi baby ka pa eh." she said tenderly and touched her cheeks.

i know thats not her reason. but i kept silent.

"I miss your hair ate." Leila touched the ends of her hair. i miss her hair too.

"i'll grow it back baby. someday..

pag okay na ko.." she whispered the last three words. too soft i did not understand it.


"you want to eat Leila?" napatingin kami ni Leila pareho nung nagsalita si Alaine. we've been chatting for two hours at ngayon lang sila sumingit. Leila snorted.

"No. if you wanna eat. then eat. i dont have the food. you know." Leila Replied and turned away her gaze from Alaine.

"Leila!" sumigaw naman si Lance.

"its okay Lance." Alaine said and held his hand. napapikit nalang ako saka tinignan si Leila.

"That's not okay. nasasanay na sya na binabastos ka nya." Lance shouted and shot leila a sharp stare.

"if only she would learn to back off and leave me alone this wouldn't always happen Kuya. and Alaine. where in the words 'leave me alone' cant you understand? you want me to translate? are you really that dumb? stop pleasing me will you? coz whatever you do. i wont like you!" tumakbo na palabas si Leila.

"Leila!" hinabol ko sya. sumunod din sila Lance samin. nasa gitna na ng daan si Leila nung maabutan ko sya and a car is about to hit her. i did not think twice.



bam. i fell on the floor.


"Shit Love! are you okay?" tumakbo agad si Lance saka lumapit saken. "Saan masakit?" he said worriedly. napatingin ako sa kanya. "what were you thinking!"

"I'm fine." sinubukan kung tumayo pero bumagsak ulit ako.

"Ate okay ka lang ba?" mangiyak ngiyak na tanong ni Leila. ngumiti ako sa kanya saka hinawakan yung pisngi nya.

"i'm fine babe. dont worry okay." i said softly pero nararamdaman ko na kumikirot yung balakang ko.

"Miss. okay lang kayo? i'm sorry. i didnt see you." sabi nung driver na nakabangga sakin.

"How stupid are you!" Lance shouted. hinawakan ko yung braso ni Lance.

"Kuya okay lang po. it was my fault. dont worry." i said softly and smiled at the driver despite of the searing pain i'm feeling in my hips.

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