Chapter Forty One

"Mommy nandito na ko. wake up now." i said softly and cried. nasa icu na si Mommy. pagdating namin nagkakagulo yung mga doctor.

"Wake up na oh. andito na yung baby girl mo. i know you miss me. di mo ba ko gustong yakapin?" i hugged her and cried. after i few seconds i wiped my tears and went out. i dont wanna see my mom like this. nakasandal lang ako sa labas ng ICU habang nakayuko. it just pained me seeing mommy like this. especially i know i am one of the reason as to why she is here. but God knows i would never want to see her in this kind of situation.

i also sent raffy home. i need to be alone for a while so i can think clearly. i need to get my acts together. coz any moment right now. i will see him. and there's no more running away. they got me checked mate. and its scaring the hell out of me.

i would want to face him when i'm ready. coz-

"Ate Venice?" napatingin ako sa tumawag sakin.

"Atee!" niyakap ako ni Leila. i was shocked but i hugged her too.

"Hi baby." i managed to say. cant deny how much i miss Leila. i was about to bend down and kiss Leila when i stopped when i saw 2 pairs of feet. i looked at them. slowly raising my head to see their face. and i gasped when i saw them.

holding each others hand.

i closed my eyes to stop my tears from coming out and kissed Leila's cheeks before turning my back on them.


"Atee!" sigaw ni Leila bago kami binangga ni Alaine papunta sa babaeng maikli ang buhok na nakatayo sa pinto ng ICU kung san nandun si Mommy. niyakap nya yung babae sa pagtataka ko.

"Hi baby." the woman said and hugged her too. that made me stop in my tracks and dropped my jaw. Alaine stopped too.

she bent down to kissed Leila's cheeks when she stopped too. she slowly raised her face. when our eyes met. it felt like somebody just punched me in the stomach. her eyes is watery and sad. she closed her eyes and turn her back on us. what did just happened?

shit! i did not expected this. she went home even before i finished finding her. when Alaine touched my arm. saka lang ako natauhan.

nasa date kami ni Alaine nung tinawagan ako ni Papa telling me na nacoma daw si mommy kaya pumunta agad kami. tas si Leila nagpasundo sa bahay kasi pupunta din dito.

"i missed you ate." leila said and hugged Venice tighter.

"i miss you more babe." she replied. naglakad na ko papalapit sa kanila saka tumikhim

"Nandito ka na pala." sabi ko sa kanya. tumingin naman sya sakin saka tumango lang bago inakbayan si Leila na nakayakap sa kanya.

"Kelan?" i asked.

"just this afternoon." she replied. nung naramdaman kong hinawakan ako ni Alaine saka ko lang naalala na kasama ko pala sya.

"Venice. this is Alaine. my Fianceé. Alaine this is Venice." i politely introduced. tumango lang si Venice as sign of acknowledgement.

hinila na ko ni Alaine na umupo sa tapat na upuan nila Venice.

"Ate where have you been?" Leila asked.

"Somewhere far Babe. have you received all my gifts?" she asked. gifts? they've been communicating?

"yeah. i had it all in my room. i love the dress that you sent me last month. its so pretty." Leila replied.

"good. i spent all my salary for that dress you know." Venice chuckled and touched Leila's cheeks tenderly.

"Youre filthy rich kaya." Leila pouted.

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