Chapter 4 a.

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        "Look guys, I admire both of you so just stop!" I yelled.

        Ronald let go along with Sebastian.

        "I am in a lot of pain right now, I'm covered in flour and being man-handled by a bloody demon and a law mower-fanatic reaper." I glared at both of them.

        I saw Ronald gulp.

        Sebastian fidgeted with the collar of his shirt.

        I cleared my throat, "I have an idea that requires two pieces of paper and a writing utensil."

        "Er...." Ronald patted the front pocket of his shirt and pulled out a pen and his record book.

        "It's not like it matters if I rip out a few empty pages, heh." Ronald nervously laughed as he tugged on the pages of the black book.

        Sebastian watched me curiously as I placed the papers on the counter and began writing on both. I quickly flipped the pages over after I was done and smiled a villainous smile.

        "Sebastian and Ronald, escort me to the bathing room and get a clean nightgown for me to lounge in." I laughed a little.

*     *     *

        Sebastian set me down in the doorway of the bathing room since I could at least hop around on my other leg if I was careful. Ronald handed me my clean set of clothes.

        "What did you write on the papers?" Ronald tilted his head, sending his cow-lick to twitch.

        "I have written a quiz for both of you to take. They both have the same questions and they are all about me. Whom ever gets all of them right can claim me, if you get them wrong well I still love you." I shrugged and opened the door.

        "Good luck!" I giggled and hopped into the room and closed the door behind me as I eyed both of them.

        I got into the warm water and let it caress my wounded leg.

        "I wonder who will get them right?" I asked out loud and ran my fingers through my (e/c), flour caked hair.

-Back in the kitchen-

        "I have you know, I live with ______ so I have a better chance at winning." Sebastian smirked at Ronald as he filled out the quiz.

        Ronald chewed on the end of his pen.

        "I love her anyway so it doesn't matter if I win or lose I guess." Ronald shrugged and grinned.

        "Pfft." Sebastian scoffed as he blew a strand of hair out of his face.

        "Heheehee, are you mad?" Ronald leaned over the table and looked at Sebastian with his gleaming emerald eyes.

        "I'm not going to kiss you if that is the reason why you are leaning over the table so close to me." Sebastian sneered and pushed his chair out and away from the table.

        Ronald laughed and almost fell out of his chair.

        "You're just mad because I don't care if ______ gets claimed by you because I will still love her!" Ronald continued to chuckle a little and got back to filling out answers.

        Sebastian's ruby eyes shot daggers at Ronald.

*     *     *

        I hopped my way down the carpeted hall, through the dining room and into the kitchen.

        I was breathing heavily from the work out of hopping around as I opened the kitchen door. Sebastian and Ronald looked over at me. Sebastian had Ronald by his tie, and Ronald had a handful of Sebastian's hair in his hand.

        "If I didn't know any better, I would think that you two were trying to have rough sex." I said as I raised an eye-brow and laughed.

        They both let go of each other and sat with folded arms, obviously angry with each other. I hopped to the table and picked up both of their papers.

        "Hmmm...." I looked over the papers carefully.

        "Looks like Sebastian is the winner." I ripped the papers in half.

        Sebastian smirked at Ronald.

        "Ah, I don't mind. I still love you!" Ronald grinned, walked over to me and gave me a squeeze.

        "I love you too Ronald." I grinned and squeezed him back.

        "Right, now then, will you be leaving?" Sebastian stood beside me as soon as Ronald let go.

        "I'm afraid so, William will get mad if I take anymore time off, heh." Ronald scratched the back of his head and then tried to smooth his cow-lick down.

*     *     *

        I waved good-bye to Ronald in front of the manor as Sebastian held me by my waist.

        "I'll still visit!" Ronald called back to me.

        As he got further away, I saw his cow-lick stick back up and seem to wave at me.

        I couldn't help but laugh about his hair.

        "What amuses you? I haven't given you pain killers to make you this dizzy." Sebastian nuzzled his head into my neck.

        "It's nothing." I smiled.

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