Chapter Four Annoyingly Lou

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“Why are you so angry, love.” He teased as he looked into my mocha colored eye. I frowned did he seriously not get it or did he not care. “Your too pretty to be walking around glaring at people all the time.” He added as he walked closer to me. I wanted to punch him but I knew my brother wouldn’t like it. I really didn’t want another lecture from Andrew.

“Why are you so annoying?” I retorted. It wasn’t the best comeback I could come up with at the time. He had thrown me slightly off guard when he called me pretty. The boys around here wouldn’t have ever called me that but when he said it, it just felt weird.

He smirked at me a mischievous glint lit up his crystal blue eyes.”I’m not annoying. I just like annoying you.” He replied. Before I could say anything back he walked past me and made his way down stairs. My day couldn’t get any worse could it?.

“I’m so glad that you guys came.” I said to Liv and Chaire as I kept my eyes focused on the road. I was really grateful for their company because I didn’t have to be alone with Louis. We would have most definitely driven of the road if it was just me and him. Jacob and Zayn kept him company in the back of the truck.

“Are they that bad?” Liv questioned, as she turned the radio on so they wouldn’t overhear our conversation.

“Other than Louis and Harry. I don’t really have a problem with the other three. Zayn usually stays to himself, Niall stays away from me, and Liam I don’t really see Liam that much.” I replied. I glanced at her and noticed she wasn’t paying that much attention to me. I smirked when I looked the mirror I could see her looking at Jacob.

“She’s not listening to you Ken. She obviously has her head elsewhere.” Chaire teased as she hit Liv on the head. I laughed as they started to play fight with each other. The town was slowly starting to come into view and I smiled. I would be home in no time.

 “Okay so will get done faster if we break into groups of two.” Chaire said, her eyebrows were raised as she stared at her list. Her list was probably just as long as mine was and it was bad that she had more than one list.

“I’m picking my partner.” Jacob chimed in as he grabbed Liv’s arm, he looped his arm through hers and she blushed. Before I could grab Zayn, Chaire had already looped her arm through his and was pulling him away. Louis smiled at me as he held his arm out for me to take, I scoffed and walked off. Some friends they were.

It wasn’t long before Louis was walking beside me.”You know if you just go ahead and give into my charms this would be easier.” He said, I just ignored him and kept walking.”You know I’m just joking right.”

“Do you ever shut?” I asked as I entered the store. The cashier greeted us as soon as we walked in the store. I grabbed a shopping cart and began to gather the stuff on the list.

“Maybe I’d shut up if you talked to me.” He responded. I stopped walking when he said that and I turned to him.

“If I talk to you then you’d have to talk back.” I pointed out as I looked at him. Was he stupid or did he not think about what he was going to say before he said it. I grabbed a box of cereal as he thought about what I just said. For my sake I hoped that it would take him a while.

“But that doesn’t mean that I have to talk back I’d just listen to you.” He suggested, a triumphed look was on his face. That still didn’t make sense because then I would be talking to myself.  Only crazy people talked to themselves and I wasn’t crazy but I couldn’t say the same thing about him.

“But then I’ll be talking to myself.” I replied. He was starting to confuse me with his mindless rambles. I don’t know why I kept the conversation going but I was curious to see where it would end up.  Something told me to stop this conversation, before it went too far.

“But I’ll still get what I want.” He said as he threw some candy in the cart.

“And what is that?” I questioned him as I reached for the sodas on the top self. Why they put the drinks so high up was beyond me. Grabbing the sodas for me he placed them in the cart.

 ”You talking to me.” I could feel my lips wanting to twitch upward but I refused to let them. He only chuckled when I looked away from him. We walked down a couple more aisles before we went to the cash register. We waited as the man scanned all of our things and rung them.

Louis was humming a song loudly. I tried to ignore him but I swear he was just getting louder by the second.”Louis.” I hissed out through clenched teeth. The cashier sent me a small smile as he finished ringing up the remaining food. A magazine was shoved into my face by Louis I pushed out of my face and glared at him.

“Are these the only magazines that the town has?” He asked as he stared at Farmer’s weekly magazine. I nodded my head as he looked through the rest of them.”There’s none here for teens.”

“Oh my god your right.” I mocked paniced as I paid for the groceries. We carried all of the bags out the store and put them with the rest of the groceries that the guys got. The whole time Louis was complaining to Zayn about the magazines. I could see him the mirror just rambling on and on. I don’t get why the magazines were so important.

The window suddenly opened and Louis’s head popped into the truck. “Just out of curiosity is country the only station you get down here?” he asked. We all nodded at the same time as a look of understanding crossed his face.

It only took us a while before we made it back to Salem. Andrew and Paul were sitting on the porch of the house talking as we pulled up. He got up and walked over to the truck and began to unload the food. I shook my head as I noticed Louis pulling Zayn and Paul inside the house. I guess they had something better to do than to help us unpack the truck.

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