Chapter 6: Said Who??

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Since that fight the other day, Mel has gotten more irritating, "Autumn, move," she spat.

I whipped around and said, "Ask nicely."

"What are you, my mom??"

"Bitch, don't get a fucking attitude, weren't you the one that got her ass whooped?!" I sneered.

"So, it doesn't matter-"

I cut her off, "You're just saying that because you got your ass whooped," I pushed past her.

Since she wants to start with me, ok, I'm going to fuck up her reputation of being trustworthy and faithful. I turned around, seeing her and her boyfriend Neal, kissing.

Enjoy it while it lasts, I thought.

Ali turned the corner and almost bumped into me, she glared at me, but I ignored her. I don't pay lightweights any attention. I saw Mr. Peny glancing at a girl passing by, his eyes lingering on her butt. He was a disgusting, old ass pervert.

Dean, Elena's dumbass boyfriend walked hand in hand with her.

Two hours later, I went up to Brian and whispered a lie about Mel. He glanced at me with wide eyes and his manicured hand to his mouth. "Gloria told me," I fibbed about Gloria. Her Spanish accent filled with sarcasm, loudness, and flamboyant attitude, who wouldn't believe me?

He scampered off and told Ren and he went off and told his group of friends that Mel was bribing Tyler Bartin to be her boy toy, wasn't she dating Neal?? Yeah, but she had been spending a lot more time with Tyler. The school was buzzing with the latest rumor.

Five minutes later, Jett and Scarlet, rushed up to me and knew that I started that rumor. I smirked and said, "Well, the bitch got what she deserved."

I told them that I said Gloria Hernandez spread it around. All three of us turned our attention towards Neal and Mel, who were arguing viciously earning stares from other students, we inched closer to hear what they were saying. "That's why you've been spending so much time with Tyler, if you wanted to break up with me, come up to me like the woman you're trying to be, and say it," he argued.

A confused expression crossed her face, "What?!"

"You've been bribing Tyler to be your boyfriend, I know you would something like that, you're an ungrateful person, we're done," he hissed.

He sulked off with his hand stuffed in his jean pockets. Mel was standing there like a monument. She came up to Jett, "Who started this?!"

"Gloria Hernandez," she replied instantly.

Mel's expression changed for the worst, "I'm going to fuck that bitch up!" She sprinted down the hallway and turned the corner.

I loved the way the school was turning against each other slowly, it was fun.

A/N: Sorry for the short chapter, I wasn't really feeling it, but trust me, the next ones will be better.

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