✖ Chapter Twenty-Six ✖

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Healing Gabriel: Chapter Twenty-Six

                                            ※(*)※Gabriel's POV※(*)※


        There was an all-school assembly scheduled the following morning before lunch. In the auditorium I scored a spot between Evan and Alana up in the bleachers. Jurnee sat in front of me, Donovan on her right and Axel flanking her left. It was kind of odd how we all just automatically grouped together.

        Is this what it's like to be popular?

       "Ugh, I hate assemblies," Jurnee whined, leaning against Donovan.

       "Yeah, you're not the only one who feels that way, as much as your selfish self may think otherwise," a voice muttered from behind me. I turned to glance at her. The person who had spoken was a chubby female adorned in glasses, with a short, choppy, boyish hairstyle and had a bit of an acne problem. I don't think she meant for Jurnee to hear her, but she had.

       "You're calling me selfish? You look like you keep the whole freaking basket of rolls to yourself during dinner time," Jurnee shot back.

       "At least I actually eat my dinner instead of wasting it by throwing it up right afterwards."

       "At least I know proper nutrition and exercise! And yeah, before you ask, lifting a dozen Kripsy Kreme donuts into your mouth while clicking the TV remote doesn't count as working out."

       The girl behind me shushed at that. Jurnee gave a satisfied smile and flipped her blond hair over her tanned shoulders. I turned back to the girl. She was looking down at her lap, the people around her who'd been watching laughing and teasing her.

        The moment reminded me of me before I met Evan.

       Jurnee tossing as many mean comments about me as she could. People encouraging her, laughing with her. Everyone bringing me down, nobody bothering to stick up for me. Unlike the girl, though, I never once replied to any of Jurnee's instigations. The girl behind me had courage. I had none.

       I thought a saw a tear glisten in her eyes as one of the boys behind her started commenting about her weight. It hurt to see her upset, even if I didn't know her personally. I hated it when someone was put down by others. I've seen too many people, young adults, children, be called so many names that they finally started to believe it themselves.

       I'm one of those people.

       Even though Evan's compliments made me feel truly beautifully handsome and confident, the feeling only lasted for a couple moments. I don't know if I'll ever to be able to feel fully comfortable in my own skin ever again.

      And I have to say that it kind of sucks that I let the hatred of him, the other boys, and my peers convince me to believe that I am that to nothing. I wish I could be confident like Evan. He knew he was a perfect sight to the eyes, and he carried himself with his head held high and his back poised straight. But he didn't brag about his looks; he didn't have to. He knew he was handsome and he didn't have to tell everyone that to convince them. Sure, he could be cocky at times, but I know he's kidding.

      I mean, how could you not be the slightest bit cocky if you're good looking? I know if I even had half the confidence he did I wouldn't hesitate to woo people either.

      I was suddenly aware of small, slightly glassy dull brown eyes connecting with mine. Gah, she caught me looking at her! We both looked away at the same time. I think we both were lacking the confidence of meeting someone's gaze.

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