6: Telling The Boys (3rd person POV)

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Niall and Sarah were currently having the other boys and Sophia and Eleanor over for a BBQ and while the boys were arguing about how to cook the meat Sarah, Eleanor and Sophia were sitting in the huge backyard amd talking. Today Niall and Sarah had decided to tell the boys and the girls that they were expecting a baby. Sarah was nervous but Niall had told her it was nothing to be worried or nervous about..

"Harry that is not how you cook the meat" Louis yelled in frustration

"Yes it is, I'm an excellent cook and you're not" Harry said back sarcastically

The girls just laughed at them, and continued their conversation. After a little while the food was done, and everyone sat down to eat.

"So, Sarah want to go on a girls trip the whole of next week?" Sophia asked. Today was Tuesday.

"Yes, i would love to, where are we going?" Sarah asked.

"How about we go to Rome? We can leave on Sunday and come back next Sunday" Eleanor said.

"Oh my god this is so exciting, we have to spend all day tomorrow planning" Sarah said.

"Yes, you girls can come to mine and Louis house at around 11 am " Eleanor said.

The girls were so excited. Niall could see it in his wife's face.

"So boys since the girls are going on a girls trip to Rome, how about we go to Barcelona the same week?" Niall asked.

"Yes,"Liam, Louis and Harry all said at once.

"You boys come to mine and Sophia's place at noon, and we can book the holliday and plan stuff" Liam said.

The boys and girls were all so excited. But now Niall and Sarah had to tell them their news.

"So, Me and and Niall have some news" Sarah said

All the boys and girls were looking at Sarah

"I'm pregnant " Sarah said. Everyone jumped and screamed of joy. The boys hugged both Niall and Y/N and so did the girls.

"Wait, can you fly if you're pregnant ?" Sophia asked

"Yes, i asked my doctor when we had found out i was pregnant" Sarah smile.

"So how far along are you?" Harry asked

"I'm 16 weeks pregnant " Sarah said.

After a few hours of talking and having fun, everyone left. This had been a good day for Niall and Sarah ..

A/N: So the next part is finally up. And again I'm so sorry it took me so long. Will try to update more regularly! Hope you all like this part. Lots of love😘xx

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