Chapter 3

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A groan left from my mouth. I looked myself from the mirror. I didn't know what to do with my hair. Bastien gave me a look from the side. He was taking out my dress for me.

"Can I ask; what?" Bastien had a smirk on his face. I turned to face my butler.

I've found out that my butler is fun to hang out with. That's why he was now here, helping me. Or should I say distracting me. And my driver wasn't that bad either, he wasn't yet here.

"Tell me what to do with my hair", Bastien shot his brow up. I furrowed my own.
"Curls? Or curls and a bun?" I shrugged.
"What is your vision?" Bastien left my dress and came to me.

He turned me to face mirror again.

I really liked Bastien, who collected my hair on his hands at the moment.
You know when it just clicks with someone? That's what happened between me, Bastien and Jaden. They were my only friends here.

Bastien left some locks free for the side. Everything else he collected up for a messy bun.
"Like this?" he smiled at me.
"Not bad", I commented. He freed everything.

I plugged in my curling iron and waited for it to warm up. Bastien returned to my dress. He was nibbling the fabric, I chuckled.

"How about my make-up?" I asked. Bastien laughed.
"You're asking me? I'm a butler and a man", he said.
"So what? It doesn't matter. Give me your opinion", I said. Iron gave a loud beeb. "Oh Bastieeeeen", I singed. He sighed. He knew.
"I don't know how to use that thing", he said.

I took it in my hand.
"I'll show you", I took some hair and rolled it around the curler. I kept it there for a while and let it loose. I smiled. Bastien sighed again.
"Fine, I'll do it", he said.

Bastien started to work and I went through my make-up collection.

Door opened. "Hey Bass! And my lovely lady Adeline", Jaden said and bowed deeply. I rolled my eyes. He wore his uniform. It was black suit, with a matching hat, black shoes and white gloves.

Bastien, also known as Bass. I had herd his nickname only few days ago. He wasn't that fond of it. I thought it was good. And Jaden didn't care what Bastien thought about it.

"Well good day to you too", Bastien grunted. Jaden took a chair and sat down.
"Why're you doing that, Bass?" he asked.
"Because she asked me to", Bastien gave a look at Jaden.
"He us my butler after all", I grinned. Jaden snorted.
"Lucky me, I'm only your driver", Jaden commented.

I smiled. I continued my project with my make-up and listened happy chat between Bastien and Jaden.

They've known since kids. I think Jaden mentioned something about being neighbors. But yeah, Bastien was older by year, he was 23. Jaden 22.
And for some reason they are now working for Sieben family.

"How's Matthew?" Jaden asked suddenly. I tensed up. Bruise at my shoulder ached.
"H- He's fine", damn, my voice trembled. I smiled at Jaden.
"He's a gentleman", sort of, at least in the public. During this two weeks, I've learned what kind of man Matthew is.

He's ruthless. He's arrogant. He's possessive. He didn't care if he hurt someone. I really despised him. And after that incident which caused me the bruise, I knew that it won't be the last.

I should leave. I wanted to leave. But I couldn't. I didn't have a place to go. I didn't have money, my parents closed my cards before we departed home. Matthew was my only source of money and he wouldn't givee money to escape. I was stuck, engaged to a man who was going to abuse me. Definetely.

I went to my mom after Matthew hurt me. She ust laughed it off and said he couldn't do that. No one believed me. So I didn't try to tell anyone.

Fingers snapped front of my eyes.
"Earth to Adeline", Jaden said. I came back and blinked. "Everything okay?" this time it was Bastien.
"Yeah, I'm good", I answered. I gave them a smile.

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