Chapter Three: Nikolaos "Nixon" Delis

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"Nixon," Dominic called.

Nixon turned his head slightly studying his best friend, as he pushed through the rush of tourists entering the park's entrance. The blend of high pitched, rough, raspy, and hoarse voices was loud and exhausting. A pounding headache was often the result of it. Visiting the park during this time was always a journey. The natural beauty of the park along with the fact that it held various wildlife was enough to keep people rushing through. Yellowstone National Park was almost 3,500 square miles of nature. Most of the park was in Wyoming but it also passed through parts of Idaho and Montana. The most pristine features were canyons, alpine rivers, lush forests, hot springs and gushing geysers. The wildlife included bears, wolves, bison, elk and antelope. The Yellowstone National Park was home to a variety of endangered creatures that were protected by federal law and safe in the park.

The motion and blur of people around them was exhausting at times, but not uncommon. It would all be cleared up within the next two weeks. Only a few would tourists would be travelling through. Then, it'd be more than likely that the damn field trips filled with curious and annoyingly unkempt teenage students would begin. Every year at least a few idiotic students left the approved areas and went into some creatures' habitat. Usually, Nixon or Dominic were there to save them from being mauled, attacked or eaten.

They seemed have no sense of self-preservation. The enclosed spaces held wild, highly dangerous creatures who believed in maintaining territory and protecting others of their kind. Wolves, especially were this way. Wolves were pack animals. They worked as a family unit—hunting together, feed together, and lived together. The hierarchy system of wolves did indeed exist. Often with a pack leader or what most called, alpha. An alpha wolf usually had a female mate who was considered to be female alpha. The two together were called the alpha pair. An alpha pair often did their best to keep the pack in line and well provided during winter months. It was their duty to ensure the happiness of all pack members.

When mating season came, then the alpha pair often produced more pups for the pack. Others mated too, but it was guaranteed that the lead two would reproduce. Wolves only came into mating season once a year. During this time wolves began to show more dominance and aggression towards one another, especially submissive pack members. Wolves in the pack were expected to show their breeding rights and that they were able to do so. The mating season was usually during winter months. Beginning in December and ending around February. Pups were born in the spring and often to plentiful food and welcoming from the pack. This was also a time of peace for all wolves. One in which they just relaxed and enjoyed the presence of the pups.

As one of the experts on wolf behavior, Nixon was often sent out to interact with the wolves. He and a few others were able to comfortably coax the wolves and watch them to ensure that they were doing well in the environment. The climate in Yellowstone was perfect for the wolves more often than not. Allowing them room to breathe with their thick coats. The park allowed enough freedom with Nixon for him to set up a program for others to come and interact wolves.

Working at the park wasn't his ideal dream job, nor was it Dominic's. However, it was necessary. As creatures who held a close bond with wolves being that they could transform into the majestic beings, they held the obligation to ensure the safety of the wolves and their own kind. Working in the park made it so that they could easily keep federal laws in place and run free. Nixon being in the park made it easier to allow their wolves freedom. Dominic and Nixon had taken care to insinuate their pack into the territory with the actual wolves. As the alpha of a pack, Nixon came here with pack members at night.

Dominic's family had recently moved to the territory and had to be introduced to the wolves and his members. The family was a good size and proved that the Luccas were blessed with fertility during mating times. Pregnancy among the werewolves wasn't limited to the once per year mating season, but it was when mated couples were expected to contribute to the pack. Dominic being Beta of the pack often looked to Nixon for guidance as did the rest of them. Welcoming his family into the mix would mean teaching them interaction with Lily and Jamie, the alpha pair of the regular wolves.

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