Chapter 19

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Fun Fact: This book was suppose to be cliche af, but I ended up changing it up a bit because I can't stand being overly cliche (I did include some cliche things in here though, does anyone know what parts?).

I saw someone comment a ship name?
What was it?

Btw, This chapters really long- the longest chapter I've ever written to be exact. (Hopefully that changes)


"So your mom is a gang member and you never told me?"

"No, God fucking- look." I rub my temples before letting out a sigh and looking up at Xavier, getting ready to tell him again that she isn't. "My mom used to be in a gang. Not anymore okay? But she still knows your family."

"And Lucio's family." He points out.

"Yes, now that we have that cleared out-"

"Your mom was in a gang?" He interrupted and I couldn't help the groan that escaped my lips.

"Yes she was! Why is this a surprise to you? You're literally in a family gang." I point out, putting my weight to my right foot because I could feel myself getting tired. Xavier just nodded slowly, not really knowing what to say.

"I know but it's different for me, I'm the bad boy. This is normal- you're like a good girl." A dry laugh escaped my lips at his comment.

"Bad boy?" I run my hand through my hair and place one of my hands on my hips afterwards. "First of all, you're no where near a bad boy to me and second of all, I do not fall under the good girl category. Where did you get that idea from?"

"Well I mean the bad boys usually falls for the good girl so I figured might as well be cliche." He pointed out, leaning back on the wall behind him coolly.

He fell for you did you hear that? So you're not being a completely stupid teen who falls for someone who they never had a chance with.

A small blush rushed up to my cheeks and I turn away slight hoping it will go down.

"Are you blushing Denies?" He asked and I try to turn my head more.

"No!" I say as I try to shove my hair in my face, the time I need it to cover my face it decides to be nice and not do that.

Carefully Xavier grabs my face and makes me face him, the blush only getting deeper when I realized I can't hide it anymore. It's just going to do what it wants and I won't be able to stop it.

Xavier pouts his lips in a cute way and looks down at my eyes, his own cheeks turning a small shade of red when he noticed me staring at his lips. His hand drops from my face and he just leans against the wall again, like if nothing happened.

"S-so what exactly do you know about your mom and the gangs." He asked quickly, not giving me a second to register that he probably wanted to kiss me but he's still not ready to be that bold without being awkward/ embarrassing himself.

"She was just basically friends with these dudes. Bad news by the way, they never leave her alone even after she said she was done." I comment, taking one step back.

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