Oh well, oh well

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When we got back home there was a bunch of cars in the driveway. We got out and opened up the door, then everyone who was there yelled "SUPRISE!!!" I couldn't believe my eyes on who was there. Let's see... There was Kellin and the sws crew, Big Andy as we now call him and black veil brides, Dave and every avenue was there, Memphis May Fire was there, and a lot more people. My favorite people and the closest people to me, besides Derek and my family is Kellin, big Andy, Matt from MMF and Dave. My dad told the guys to stay with me wherever I went. Turns out they all love fighting games. We got root beer and a tourney started with my boys upstairs. Me and Kellin won. When we went back down, we met a lot more people. I got everyone's number, even cute girls. They all played me acoustic songs and taught me stuff on guitar. I asked everyone there if they could show up to my birthday party in a few days. They said they wouldn't miss it even if it killed them. I laughed. We played truth or dare with all the bands and it was funny.
Kellin dared big Andy to lick Alex G's face. Which he did without warning to Alex. That was funny.
Big Andy dared matt to put on a dress and pretend he was a fairy. We almost died of laughter at his high pitched squeals.
Matt dared me to kiss the prettiest girl in the truth or dare circle... Selena, Demi, Chrissy or Matt... Hard choice. In the end I had a kiss from all of them, Selena, Chrissy and Demi of course. Everyone was jealous, especially Nick Jonas. (Sorry, had to...)
I dared Kellin to kiss Vic on the lips and say Kellic was real. That ended badly. He screamed "I'm not gay little Andy..." And it made me laugh.
And a few more details that might've had big Andy and Kellin going around the house screaming "I'm the goddamn batman" in costume.
Dad told me everyone had to leave, and I just hit it off with Sabrina carpenter, so she gave me her number, and a kiss and left, Selena, Chrissy, and Demi did the same.
"So, now what?"
"Kid, u have school in a few days, before you're birthday. High school is fun."
"Dang... Anything but that" I muttered.
Then I went to sleep.

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