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No ones Pov

"Jonathan Dean Ambrose, wake up!" Mr. Callaway yelled.

Dean woke up with a snort and sat up.

"Huh, what?" He said dazed, making the class laugh... well, all but one.

Seth Rollins, the golden boy, of the school, didn't find it funny that Dean was sleeping on class. He thought that it was childish and immature.

"Dean, I called your parents yesterday and they weren't too pleased about your grades." Mr. Callaway said.

"Ah they don't care what I do. If I drank all of my dad's beer they wouldn't care... no wait, my mom wouldn't, my dad would kill me." Dean said, shrugging.

"They seemed concerned on the phone."

"That's only, because they want to sound worried and caring so they won't get in trouble." He stated.

"Dean, it's not nice to make assumptions of your parents." Mr. Callaway advised. "As of you sleeping in class, you have detention for sleeping in class."

Dean grumbles and flips off the teacher, once he turned around.

"Alright class, tonight for your homework I expect you to work on pages twenty one through twenty six." Mr. Callaway said as the bell rang.

"My god. That'll take me all night " Dean thought out loud.

"You can work on it in detention." Seth mumbled.

"What'd you say two-tones!?" Dean growled.

Seth tensed--not only to the growl that came from Dean--but also from the word 'two-tones'.

Unlike the other kids in Seth's class, he was known As the egghead and was always picked on. Another thing is that Seth has a non-contagious disease that made half his hair go blonde.

He hated it when people called him 'two-tones. He even asked them to stop, but that just made them say it more.

"I-I didn't s-say anything." Seth stuttered, trying to quickly leave the room.

Dean growled and caught up with Seth, pinning him to the ground.

"What. Did. You. Say?" Dean hissed.

"Y-You're hurting me." Seth whimpered, only causing Dean to get a tighter trip on his arms.

Kids started swarming around the two boys, chanting for one of the to hit the other.

"C'mon Dean, what'a ya waiting for?! Punch him!" Deans friend, Roman, yelled.

Dean looked into Seth's eyes and smirked, but something in his eyes made his smirk drop.

Seth was pleading through his eyes and it struck Dean like never before. He felt guilty, the pain in Seth's eyes made him remind home of himself when his dad abused him at home.

It also broke his heart to see Seth upset, well now it did. The other times it didn't, but something about him now made Dean feel upset to even lay a finger on him.

"C'mon Dean, mess up his face!" A student yelled.

Dean shook his head out of the thoughts and looked back at Seth. His feet now dangling off the ground, as Dean held him up in the air.

"...Please..." Seth begged.

Dean watched as a single tear fell from Seth's chin. He sighed, as his grip on Seth's forearm loosens and his hands fall to his side.

"What's going on here!?" Mr. McMahon yelled.

The crowd of kids scattered away from both the boys, while Dean looked down at Seth with a scowl.

"Dean tried to hurt Seth." Seth's friend, Adrian, said.

"Mr. Ambrose-"

"Don't call me that, I'm not my father!" Dean yelled at the principal.

"Take him to I.S.S." Mr. McMahon said to Mr. Helmsley.

Mr. Helmsley nodded, "C'mon Dean, let's go."

Dean glared at Both Adrian and Seth, before following Mr. Helmsley to I.S.S...

Yay! My first ever Ambrollins book is up. Hope you enjoyed the prologue, the first chapter should be up soon!

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