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Menu DevelopmentMenu Development

Chapter 7

Menu Development2

What is a menu?

Comes from French, meaning "

a detailed list


Menu Development3

Purpose of the Menu

1.Inform guests of items available and price2.Inform employees of items to prepare and purchase3.MENU is

primary control tool

for the operation4.Menu is

critical to communicating and selling

items to the customer

Menu Development4

The menu is a

mission statement

, it defines an operation's concept and communicates that concept to guests.Menu is

one of the single biggest influences on an operation's development of a loyal guest base and positive return on its investment

Menu Development5

Menu Planning Factors

Menu planning is initial control point of the operationThe Menu is the

most important

part of the restaurant concept.

Menu Development6

Menu Planning Factors

Guests come to restaurants for a pleasurable dining experience and the MENU is the MOST important ingredient in this experience.Restaurants & Institutions magazine state that restaurant patrons consider Food Quality

the most important factor when choosing a restaurant.2

Menu Development7

Menu Planning Factors

Menu affects, and is affected by, the operation's design and layout, equipment requirements, and labor needs.The success of menu planning determines the success of other basic operating activities.

Menu Development8

Menu Planning Factors

Major challenges for restaurant operator:1.Providing tastier presentations2.Offering healthier food options3.Pleasing savvy customers4.Creating flavors that are nothing short of extraordinary

Menu Development9

Menu Planning Objectives


Menu must meet or exceed guest's expectations


-reflect tastes and preferences of guests


Menu must attain marketing objectives


-What guest wants, location, prices, times-must bring guests back for more visits

Menu Development10

Menu Planning Objectives


Menu must meet quality standards

-quality and nutrition go hand in hand-flavor, shapes, textures, palatability, flair


Menu must be cost-effective

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