Change Chapter 1

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Okay. So this is my first chapter of my first story. I have a unique writing style I hope you understand it. Please comment me and vote if you like it.

I have a story line but please brainstorm if you have some ideas. In the next chapters some of the other characters will be speaking. But here you go!!! (“.)

Chapter 1


Lock stock and barrel

I was standing at my locker with my best friend Lila. Lila... The blonde, sexy, admired girl. The next prom queen to be. Loved by all who meet her.

She’s not the brightest of all but with looks like hers, who needs it? Amy... Amy did you hear what I say? She shook me out of my day dream.

Yeah what? He like totally digs me!!! She said in her I’m hot and loved tone. Isn’t he like your second boyfriend this month? I asked.

Yeah I know but this time its going to be Real love. I looked at her a while wondering why I’m really this great friends with her.

I’m just the normal average American high school teen. Normal to say the least. Brown hair, hazel eyes. Some people say I look like a brunette Avril Lavigne.

My dad owns a lot of businesses and we are kind of rich but that hasn’t changed me of just trying to stay as normal as possible.

Hey girls. I heard that voice, boy I wish he was mine. Jake the football quarter back and my best friend’s newest boyfriend! Hello I shrugged.

Lila almost falling over her feet to go and greet him. He is so hot with his brown hair, green (to die for) eyes and muscles that every guy wishes they had!

I’m going to practice he said. Do you two want to come and watch? Yeah duh. I would any day Lila said and you Amy?

Uhm no I need to get home and study for history maybe next time I said as they were already half way across the hall.

O.k. Amy, but you’re still going to help me get a dress for prom right? Yeah see you I said grabbing my books to go to my car.

Jake, the guy that I've had a crush on since the day I first laid eyes on him. Why couldn’t I take it that he is dating my best friend?

The girl who goes through more guys a month than homework assignments? I wish I knew.

I stopped at home, got out my work and locked the car. I walked to the front door and as I opened it I could smell my moms cooking filling my senses

She loved cooking and she was good! I walked up to her gave her a hug and said hello. Oh honey what is wrong? She asked me looking at me with her eyes filled with worry.

I was her only child and even at the age of 18 her baby. Oh nothing really mom I said. Just had a long day. Walking upstairs to my sun filled room to think about my boring life.

About an hour later I heard my mom calling. Honey! Somebody’s here for you. Probably Lila I guessed getting up to go to the door. Oh hey mark I gave him a hug.

He is my other best friend. Sort off the big brother my parents failed to create. He smiled and touched my cheek. You look pretty he said. Yeah I know you always say that.

So have you thought about it? You know going to prom with me? We have been friends ever since kindergarten. I loved him but like I said as the brother I never had.

He protects me against the unknown and known. We act like a couple but I have never thought of him in that way. Oh mark. I haven’t decided yet. It’s in 3 weeks we have a lot of time.

Yeah I know Amy, but you will let me know okay. Off coarse I will. Just as I said it I saw Lila’s yellow convertible Coming up the drive way. Lila is here I will call you okay?

Okay Amy is safe okay. Yeah dad, I said as I grabbed my bag and walked to Lila already honking for me to hurry up.

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