Chapter 4

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Cas's POV

He held onto Dean, it was the only thing he knew to do. He had never helped anyone else who was being bullied, just himself.

Castiel had been bullied all his life, even by his family, but he'd never restore to cutting himself.

Cas pulled away from the sobbing figure. "You need to promise me you won't do this again. If you feel this bad come talk with me. Please, I can help." Cas's voice trembled, he was dealing with a delicate matter that he really wasn't sure how to handle.

The boy on front of him sniffed at looked at Cas, his green eyes filled with hurt and hope. The boy nodded slowly. "O-okay, I'll try."

Cas smiled a bit, finishing Dean's bandages. He helps Dean up and pulls him into one last hug. "Don't forget your promise." Of course Dean nodded, unable to form words to describe how greatful he was to have a friend like Castiel.

They parted, Castiel hoped Dean would be okay. Dean hoped that when school ended that John would be in a good mood for once.

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