Chapter Thirty-Four» She's What!!

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Time became a mechanism. Flowing away, like the rivers down a stream. Never stopping for anyone.

It had been hours since Omar left. All he did was glance at me. His dark charcoal eyes landing on my hazel ones before he nodded. Walking through the double door.

He didn't say anything else. He didn't say whether he'll be back or not, all he did was look at me. His eyes lingering on to my features before walking away, as though it'll be last time I'd ever see him again.

And somehow, it felt as though it will be last time I'd be seeing him.

Inhaling a hesitant breath I glanced around the large room. The darkness flowing through each corner. Making me tense, not accustomed to the lonely feeling dawning upon me.

Looking at the windows before me. The eve of the night fell upon us. Whispering a tale of its own through each corner.

Omar's cousin Suhaib had come and despite the fact that I had barely met him twice, the man had the soft look in his eyes. Reminding me of my brother, of Armaan.

Closing my eyes tightly, images of Armaan's horrified face flashed before me. The ways his eyes flickered  with betrayal as I uttered those last words. Tempting him to leave and never come back.

I wish I could tell him. That I was only doing this to protect him, that I loved him with all my heart yet I knew my attempts were feeble.

It was simple, I had broke his heart. He wouldn't ever trust me.

Just the thought of never seeing my brothers again sent a chill down my spine. My eyes blurring with warm tears.

Laying down against the mattress I felt my body shaking. The sobs reeking through each corners, feeling homesick all of a sudden. Wiping the warm tears away, I found myself standing up slowly and reaching towards the door.

Gripping against the doorknob, I pulled it open allowing the cool breeze to float inside.

The faint talking and lights from downstairs reached the hallways whilst I creeped towards the guest room. Knowing Mum and Dad had slept there when they came.

Feeling overly emotional I flickered the lights on, my eyes landing across the large room. A king size bed remained at the centre beside a wall whilst all around, wall length windows gave a perfect overview of the forest outside.

Large wardrobes, with mirrors, reflected the cream interior of the room; as I stepped forward. Pulling absently on the blanket, I moved it aside before laying down.

Ammi and Abba were here, in this very place and just by laying down felt as though I was with them again. Why did it feel as though this would be last time I'll be here, the last time I'll be in the embrace of my parents. Even if they weren't here, they were still here.

Closing my eyes tightly, their smiling faces flashed before me. Armaan's overprotective looks and Usmaan's ever so observant behaviour. Isaac's laughter and Ammi's advice, but most importantly, Abba's face lighting up every time I walked inside the room.

I missed them, with all my heart. I'd give anything to see them again, yet little did I know. I wouldn't ever see them again.

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