The Little Gilbert Huntress

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"Mom"! I yelled as I saw that thing drag her away. My father laid on the floor with blood running down his neck. His blood just a puddle on the black street.

As I looked closer into the blood I could see a reflection. It wasn't an animal it was a person with teeth a white as snow and fangs as sharp as knifes.

It was a women, a women kept plunging her teeth into my mother's neck. It was then that I realized what she was. I said without a doubt in my mind, "Vampire".

The bloody creature looked right at me with its devilish eyes. I was paralized from fear as I prayed to live to see the next day.

It ran right at me and then, "Awww". I screamed only to realize the whole thing was just a dream, but that's just it. It wasn't a dream it was an old memory from about five years ago.

Thinking about the murder of my parents makes me cringe inside. If only I could've saved them, we could've be a family still and I wouldn't be alone in an old abandoned house.

Sadly that's my life now, but its better than living in an orphanage where people think I'm crazy for believing in Vampires. As I got out of my bed I went to my computer to see if I got anymore hits on my website.

My website is a long story so let me just tell you bluntlly. It's a website for people who have Vampire problems so they email my website and take care of the problem.

By problem I mean either kill or run the vampire out of the town or city.

That's how I make money, not enough for a decent place but enough for clothes, food, drinks, plastic plates, my phone and computer, and toilet paper.

Since I don't have enough money for water and electricity I bought fans for AC and I sneak into high schools at night for their showers.

Finally though no more sneaking, no more killing, and no more nasty toilet. Finally I found my cousins who have no idea about vampires or anything supernatural. I can live a normal life.

I gathered up my computer, food, and water and shoved everything in my backpack. Then I grabbed a bus token that I found on the street about a week ago and shoved it in my pocket with my phone.

I then walked out of the house and started heading towards the bus station.

"Hey baby you wanna show me how to move those sexy hips of yours " I heard a man say with a sort of drunk voice.

"Oh lord ", I said with a sigh," Alrighty so would you like my to punch you unconscious or kick you in the groin."

I than turned around and saw a man completely drunk. He was bald and was missing about three teeth.

" girl you real pretty. why don't you come with me and I'll give you Ya some candy "

I rolled my eyes and walked up to him. He stared into my eyes and my god his breath stunk. I then put my hands on his shoulder and kneed him in his special spot.

" Awww! You fucking bitch! " He screamed

Before I could hit him again I heard the bus and I turned around and ran to it. I barely made it through the door and when I got in I pulled that bus token out of my pocket and said, " get me out of here ".

The bus driver closed the door and I took a really deep breath. I looked and lots of passengers were looking at me weird but I just ignored it. I walked and sat in the first seat that came up.

As I rode the bus to my cousins house I was wondering what to tell them, "Hey I'm your cousin Kenzi who lived in an old abandoned house for the last 5 years. Plus, I faked my death when my parents died so I wouldn't go to an orphanage." Ya that's suddle.

Well looks like I dosed off for about 45 minutes because I'm here. "Little old Mystic Falls virginia", I said as I walked out of the bus.

I took a big breath, got out my phone, pulled up the directions, and was on my way.

While I was walking I noticed how familier Mystic Falls looked to me. My mom use to say how she and her sisters use to live here. She said she brought me here like twice when I was three.

"Cool the Mystic Grill", I thought as I remembered how my mom told me she went there a few times as a teen.

I could see the high school from here, "hey maybe my cousins mom could enroll me in the school". I thought as I past by the school.

"OMG" I thought as I saw their house from a few feet away. "What do I say, what do I say, what do I say"! I Yelled that so loud mexico could probably hear me. There it was. The Gilbert House.

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