01; into the woods

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Steve threw one last punch before looking behind him to see Natasha Romanoff standing against the door frame.

"Get ready, we have to go pick someone up." She said.

"I thought the whole team was already here or are they one of Loki's pawns?"

"Just get ready," Nat groaned and began to leave. "Bird 26 in 10!"

Steve unwrapped his hands and threw the wraps in the duffle bag and went to the locker room to get ready. A few minutes later he was in a small jet with Romanoff, flying over the Atlantic Ocean.

"So who is this person?" He asked again, hoping to get a better answer this time.

A file appeared on the screen behind him. "Her name is Delia Birch, international assassin for hire and a bit of something else too."

"What do you mean by 'something else too'?"

"I mean You and Banner won't be the only ones with super mutations for much longer."

"Well what can she do?" He asked.

"I'm sure you'll see soon enough," All of a sudden, they hit the ground. "Have fun."

"You're not coming?" Steve asked.

"You need to get out more, Fury decided it was best for you to go alone."

"See you back here in about an hour,"

Steve stepped out of the plane and on to a grassy hill overlooking a small village. He began walking down towards the village when a girl dashed in front of him causing him to stop. He watched as she ran into the forest and disappeared, the odd part was, the trees merged together to form a wall. Steve ran towards the  wall and ducked through a gap to follow the girl. He walked quietly through the trees, trying not to make much noise. He'd been walking for a good thirty minutes and was about to turn back when he saw a flash of blonde hair in the tree tops.

Delia had been following the man since he stepped off the plane. She was disguised in the trees, making her almost invisible. When he turned around she took her chance, the branches wrapped themselves around the mans wrists, ankles and waist. She held him there for a second, studying him. He was wearing normal clothes and looked like a normal person. She jumped down and stood a few feet away from him.

"Attempting to break free is useless." Delia said and the branches began to weave themselves around the mans neck. "Which agency are you from, CIA, Interpol-"

"SHIELD!" The man choked out.

Delia lost concentration and the man fell to the ground. "What?"

"Are you Delia Birch?"

"Yes." She nodded.

"Captain Rogers," She shook his hand. "I'm here on behalf of director Fury, we have a problem and need your help to fix it."

"What's the problem?"

"I'll explain later, now are you in or not?"

Delia thought for a moment, not wanting to make the wrong decision. She usually didn't work for large programs like this, she liked to call herself an 'Assassin for Hire' so this would be new for her. The last time she'd spoken to Nick Fury was about his Avengers program which went downhill fast. But that was last time, maybe it would be different.

"I'll do it."

"Good, lets go."

"Walking'll take a while, I have a better idea." Delia smirked.

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