47 | The Hamptons, Part 1

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the chapters titled "The Hamptons" were previously bonus chapters, but they are now part of the main story. however, please be aware of the POV change, as the story from this chapter on will be written fully in third person and feature new POV characters.

(also, to those of you who asked who skips high school graduation... I did. I skipped it and went to the beach with a bunch of friends because we either didn't care about high school, or our parents told us they'd only show up for our university graduations. and I have absolutely no regrets)

 and I have absolutely no regrets)

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Taliana Avilla had never considered herself to be a forgiving person. In all honesty, she had always been prone to holding grudges.

Her father's favorite story to tell, which was a true testament to her personality, was of the first grudge she had ever held—and she'd only been six months old at the time.

"There was this one time when I was putting you down for a nap," Charles had told her, as he had done so many times before. "We had been out all day and you were exhausted, but the last thing you wanted to do was sleep. Oh God, you glared and wriggled and whined, completely refusing to settle down. Eventually you ended up drifting off, but when you woke up... boy, you were furious."

At that point, he would always grin down at his terror of a daughter and wrap an arm around her shoulders.

"Every time you looked at me for the rest of the day, you would get all red in the face and glare like I was the enemy. Best part is, you still make that face today."

Taliana knew she certainly did. Only it wasn't her father who was typically on the receiving end of it these days.

"Sebastian, I swear, if you don't shut up about her coming along, I will lock you away in the basement for the rest of this damn trip."

"But I just don't get it," he hissed, careful to keep his voice low so that the subject of their conversation, who was standing just a few feet away in the foyer of the Phillips' Hamptons manor, wouldn't hear him. "You hate Blair. I hate Blair. We all hate Blair."

Taliana rolled her eyes, trying to keep a lid on her temper. If there was one thing that this entire situation with Blair and Sebastian had taught to her, it was that she was ready to turn over a new leaf, because there was no way in hell she could continue on the way she had been in the past. She was tired of the anger and resentment that constantly soured her stomach and the migraines that came along with all of the worry. If she continued down this path, she was just going to keep making herself sick.

So it was time to put her health—physical and mental—first, and that started with ridding herself of the anger and the grudges that were holding her back.

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