Chapter 11

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In the Weapons Vault, Loki and Zania stood close to each other, kissing each other with passion. Loki kissed her cautiously, for he had never loved a woman before.

Loki's hand went up to her neck, still endlessly loving her with his mouth. But then his fingertips touched Zania's star tattoo on her neck. He didn't know what would happen. He didn't mean it. He was distracted. But he felt her lips suddenly stop moving and her lips were burning. He opened his eyes, and almost gasped.

He backed up, watching Zania fall to the marble floor. Zania shook and screamed, almost looking like she was having a seizure.

Loki hesitated and was frightened. He kneeled down beside her, and leaned over her. His eyes moved around her, confused of what was happened. Then from the shadows of the room, the torches that light up the room bursted brightly. Loki looked around and looked back down at Zania.

"Zania. Zania!" he called. Zania couldn't hear. She continued shaking and screaming. As she did, the torches bursted into bigger flames.

"Guards! Guards!" he yelled, still afraid.

The doors busted open and Odin and a few guards came. Odin held his staff.

"Help!" yelled Loki. He continued to stay by Zania.

Odin grabbed Loki and moved him aside.

Odin kneeled beside her and put his fist over her body. He whispered something. Then Odin quickly spreaded his hand that he put over Zania.

All of a sudden Zania stopped screaming and shaking. The torches died down.

Zania laid on the ground, looking as is she was sleeping.

"Take her to the heath room," commanded Odin. The guards picked Zania up and walked out. Loki took a step to follow, but Odin spoke, "Wait."

Loki obeyed, and watched the guards leave with Zania. His eyes filled with worry.

Loki waited outside the health room, walking up and down the hallways. Frigga and Odin were inside the room with Zania.

'What have I done?' Loki thought to himself. He didn't understand what had happened. Nor why it happened.

At that moment, Thor and Jane walked down to the health room. Once Thor saw Loki, he became furious.

Thor grabbed Loki by the collar and pressed him against the wall.

"Thor!" Jane said.

"What did you do?" Thor growled.

"I didn't do anything," Loki growled back.

Jane tried making Thor stop, but it didn't work.

"Why do you keep doing this, Loki? Huh?" Thor spoke. Loki shoved Thor's hand away and growled again, "I didn't do ANYTHING!"

"Then explain to me why Zania is in the health room?"

"I don't know."

Thor scoffed and said, "You lie."

"Am I? I dont even know what had happened!"

"She told me she was going to speak with you."

"And she did. We spoke, we talked."

"Did you listen to her?"

"I did."

"Did father call you to stay right here?"

"No, I've chosen it."

"What for? So you can again hurt her?"

Loki scowled and said, "I WANT to be here, brother."


"Because I l-"

Loki had to stop himself. He did what Zania did when she slipped out her love for Loki. Thor narrowed his brows. "Because?" he asked.

Loki didn't answer.

Then like that, Thor figured it out.

"What?" Thor asked. Loki again didn't speak.

Thor scoffed and whispered to him, "Are you in love with her?"

"Such a suprise for you?" Loki said.

Before Thor could ask more, Frigga opened the door.

"She wants to speak with all of us," she told.

Thor, Jane, and Loki walked inside the health room. Loki looked at Zania, who leaned up on the bed.

She looked fine. As if what happened never had happened. But she looked sad. Loki had flashbacks of her shaking and screaming.

"Are you alright?" asked Jane.

Zania smiled weakly at her. "I am."

Zania looked at everyone and told, "I have to tell you all something."

"What is it?" asked Frigga.

Zania exhaled deeply and confessed, "The way Leviathans kill Faddists easily is something more different than just fighting to the death. Our mark; the tattoo. The Leviathans touch the mark and that kills us because of their skin and our tattoo touching. Once a Leviathan touches the tattoo successfully, we die. And that's how most of my kind died... And before I left Faytum, a Leviathan laid his finger on my mark. He didn't touch my mark fully because I escaped. But that left me with horrible visions and nightmares. That's why I havent been sleeping peacefully and afriad of somone touching it."

Loki finally understood. But why didn't she tell him?

"Why didn't you tell us?" asked Thor.

"I was... afraid," she said.

"Who last touched your mark?" asked Odin. Zania glanced at Loki. Then everyone looked at him.

"Loki...why?" asked Frigga.

Before Loki could explain how he didn't know, Zania said, "Its not his fault. He didn't know."

Loki looked at her.

"You spoke of how you have visions now," Odin said, moving on.

Zania sighed and said, "That's the worst part of what I have to say...after, uh, Loki touched my mark, I fell into a vision."

"What was it?" asked Odin. Zania hesitated, but told, "The Leviathans continue to destory Faytum. But during the vision...I saw my father being held."

"What?" asked Frigga.

"It couldn't be," Thor said.

"They're tricking you, Zania. To lure you in," Odin said. "If they are, shall be it. But I can't keep doing this. Hiding. I have...I have to go back to my home," Zania said.

"We will send an army to help you," Frigga said. "No. You have done enough. It is my turn to fight for myself."

"You will die."

"For a cause. You must let me go," Zania insisted.

Odin took a breath and spoke, "We aren't holding you back. If you must go, then go."

'What?' Loki thought. 'Father is letting her leave to die?'

"Father-" Thor began. "She has made her decision. Let her be," Odin said.

Zania carefully stood up from the bed.

"I must get ready to leave," Zania announces, "Excuse me."

Then Zania leaves. Loki looked after her.

"None of you follow her," Odin said.

Thor and Loki didn't argue with him. But Loki walked out the room and towards Zania's room.

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