Chapter 2: The Arrogant Fox

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(Y/N)'s POV

I glared over at the old lady,mom always said that I shouldn't trust anyone,that I should only rely on myself,and that's exactly what I always did.

My sensing wasn't that good yet,it took some time for me to figure out the person's identy,you know,wheather it's a yokai or a human.

I wasn't given a lot time to study the woman as Nanami already picked her up,asking where she lived.I was unsure about strangers...that means everyone,I lived alone and never attended the events I was invited to,parties and such...I was afraid,not even knowing what exactly.

Nanami started to quiqkly walk to the left,I followed,peeking at the old lady.

I suddenly saw the woman turn into a witch and raise up a big knife.

My eyes widened and I kicked the old hag with my leg,making her fall on the ground.I grabbed Nanami's hand and started to drag her behind me as we ran.

One of the fire children handed Nanami white talismans,I personally had never used them,I used my pure power.

I had been lost in my thoughts again like I always were,I saw the last talisman between Nanami's fingers,the name 'Tomoe' written on it,and then she realised it in the air.Was Tomoe the name of the fox yokai?

I had no time to consider such things right now,we saw the witch getting closer so we decided to climb up a huge tree.The only thing I heard while climbing was Nanami's complaining,how it was high and so on.Thankfully I was wearing a hakama (The clothing that Tomoe usually wears,you can google it.) so it wasn't that hard to climb,but still,it's not like I was climbing big-ass trees daily.

Nanami was safely on a higher branch with Onikiri,while I was still hanging on one.

Out of thin air,appeared a young man with silver hair and piercing violet orbs,a pair of fox ears were placed on his head and I saw a tail as well,for clothing,he was wearing a kimono.

"I heard you were in a tight situation so I rushed right over !" The man said in even a bit teasing voice.

Nanami looked as she was about to tear up,thanking the man in all ways possible.

"To watch the show obviously." he evilly grinned,looks like he hadn't noticed me yet.

Nanami sweatdropped at his sudden words,and now was the time for him to notice me.

"Hmm,another sorry-looking girl,heh?" he said,leaning close to my face,staring at me irrelevently.

With one swift move,I managed to jump on the branch I was previously hanging on,leaving the fox and Nanami a bit surprised.

I pulled out my fan from my sleeve "I happen to be The Lady of Flowers." I said,my voice also irrelevent,fanning myself gracefully.

"In such simple clothing?I would've expected fancy kimonos." he said as he tugged a piece of my sleeve,almost in a dissapointed manner.

"I was just paying a short visit to buy something!" I sharply yelled,he acted as he doubted me,and I didn't like that at all.

"Hmm,a god in a demon world,interesting..." he said while smirking,fanning himself.

"You are saying that you're a goddess,but there isn't pure goddess blood flowing in you,is it?" he curiously asked,I heard the grin in his voice.

I squeezed my teeth toghether,he noticed that fact immidently.

"Yes that is true,I am a half yokai if that's what you want to know,do you have a problem with that?" I asked,my voice raising in annoyence,that fox was really getting on my nerves.

"I don't,but you might in the future,haven't you thought about what happens when the yokai instincts force their way out,you're able to destroy the world if you want,or kill everyone." he again grinned.

I widened my eyes slightly.Me,destroying the world.No,I couldn't possibly do that...I'm positive...

The moment of my confusion was used by the gray-haired witch who grabbed my ankle and pulled me down,I managed to grab the branch with my right hand and push the old hag away with my foot.

"(Y/N)!" Nanami yelled and even the fox leaned a bit forward,showing signs of slight concern.

"Save her,please!" Nanami yelled with a pleading voice.

"Only is she begs and says 'Oh great Tomoe,please forgive me,the stupid girl' " he went back to his cold and irrelevent tone,which,lets be honest,hadn't even dissapeared for once.

"As if I would say that!" I stubbornly yelled while a tick mark appeared on my cheek.

"Come on (Y/N)-sama,'Oh great Tomoe-" Onikiri started.

"No!" I yelled sharply.

" '-please forgive me-' " she continued trying to make me say the phrase.


"-the stupid girl."


"Suit yourself brat,if you want to die,that's your prob-" he stopped,widened his eyes as his gaze locked on me.

I looked at him,a expression of anger and pain plastered on it.

"Heartless...bastard." I whispered,as if I was out of breath and unwrapped my fingers from the branch,letting myself fall down.

The last thing I saw were the horrified faces of Nanami and the will-o-wisps...and then I saw the fox,his eyes were wide and his mouth partly open,as if he didn't belive the sight in front of him.

My vision started to get foggy as I heard the muffled cries of Nanami,I closed my eyes and my body went numb.



Yay I finished writing the second chapter!

Again I'm so sorry everyone if there are any spelling mistakes and such,and maybe not that much describing,I'm trying to get better.

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