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I draw so I can express my feelings and let my imaginations burst out. I also draw because I enjoy doing it...

I started to draw anime just last year haha so I'm sorry if my drawings are awful Cx

It would be an achievement for me if I ever draw an anime guy successfully, ye seriously, its hard drawing anime guys for me. I cant draw their BODIES XD

Well I'm sorry if the pics shown here aren't like HD haha and if I did the layout really bad X3 I use cheap markers m'kay?

Also I'm sorry if the skins are pale :3 (The camera on my phone made it look pale lol)

But please. Feel free to comment and rate my drawings, be honest if it looks bad or not.

Please do comment on how to improve my drawings, I'm also fine doing a remake of my bad drawings...

So yeah, welcome and enjoy!~

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