Chapter Six

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I was rushed on all sides by cheering little boys who all looked at least tens years Pan's and mine junior. They were all laden with so much dirt that most of their hair looked entirely black. They all wore an array of multiple animal furs, some of the likes that I had never seen.

Each of them were trying to gain my attention for his own gain. Each wanted to know me. Each wanted me to care for him, to love him, to treat him like my own child.

When I had started to panic, a piercing whistle cut through my ears and ripped the boys away from me. They fell into a well ordered line that would have any military officer in tears. They were in order from what looked like oldest to youngest.

Pan stepped up to the head of the line, and all of the boys saluted him. "Lost Boys," he ordered, "When you step forward, state your name and age, so that Wendy may know who you are and what to call you by."

A younger boy near the end of the line spoke up. "Do we say our real names, Peter?" He had a slight lisp and seemed barely able to form the words. He couldn't have been older than six years old.

Pan cast a glance at me before he marched up to the young boy. He towered over the poor child. "These are your real names," he hissed. "The ones from before, they are all lies. Lies that the adult world want you to believe. Will you believe in them, boys?" he asked in a thundering shout.

The Lost Boys screamed back what seemed like a well practiced answer. "No! Never!"

Pan inspected the row one last time before he took a step back. He sent a nod my way as he muttered out a faint, "Begin." Then he was gone, sauntering out on the boys' held breath.

Then the eldest, second to only Pan, stepped forward. His blonde hair had lost it's shine and looked dull and lifeless under the eerie light. "We've meet before, Wendy. I'm Jam, and I'm twelve. I'm in charge when Peter's nowhere to be found." He said with pride filling his voice. He sent me a wink before he resumed his position.

When the next one stepped up to speak, I stopped them. "I want to stop you all before this gets too out of hand. My name is not Wendy. That is my little sister's name. Mine is Gwen, and I sincerely hope you will call me by it."

The second boy in line tried to step up, but I waved him back with my hand. I continued speaking, "And I would greatly appreciate it if you gave me my sister back."

The boys stared at me like I had just grown two heads. Jam was the first to speak up. "I'm sorry, Wen-" He stuttered over the name because of my sharp glare, "-Gwen. But Peter said not to tell you, atleast until we've figured out what to do with her."

The boy beside him agreed, "Yeah! She's a girl, and girls don't become Lost Boys!" Several around him muttered their agreement.

My blood boiled. Magic or no magic, they would not touch Wendi. I didn't care how big and bad they thought they were.

I walked right up to the second boy and leaned down so I was in his face. "What's your name?" I asked in a deathly calm voice.

He gulped before answering me. "Ed." He whispered.

"Well, Ed," I said, finally loosing my cool, "You better tell me were my sister is before I pound your little purberty-stricken face in." I shoved him backwards with all of my might. He flew back and landed hard on his rump.

I was seeing red at this point. I was dimmly aware of the sound of pounding feet as they raced away from me.

I sprang forward and landed on top of Ed. I knocked him back to the ground and pinned him there.

I raised my hand to punch him when I was knocked sideways by a brute force. I flew off of Ed and landed a few feet away. It was enough to knock the wind out of me.

Before I could have recovered, someone had roughly grabbed me by the arm and yanked me to my feet. The person dragged me up a set of crudely made stairs. On the way up, I thought I caught a flash of bright auburn hair. When we emerged into the light of day, the boy slammed me against a rough wooden trunk of a tree.

Only then, did I get a good enough view of the boy. It was Pan, and he was extremely angry. It looked like any minute that lava would pour out of his eyes and steam would flow out of his ears.

Pan leaned dangerously close to me. "What do you think you are doing attacking my boys?" He hissed in my face.

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