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His eyes sparkle like the misty blue tint in the ocean. His hair a crisp blonde with speckles of chocolate brown throughout his head.

His smile, enough to brighten the entire world like the gigantic yellow burning sun. His figure, tall and slim, his hands soft to the touch, gentle when strumming his favorite instrument, a guitar. His laugh, music to anyone's ears. The way he loses himself in his own words.

The thick accent telling his peers that he is too pure to belong in this cruel world. His voice, foreign with a mysterious tone. His aura beautiful, as if he is hiding behind a certain madness. Everything about him is so heavenly.

It's quite a mesmerizing sight to see. Looking into someone's eyes and automatically feeling like they could be your fix. Your morphine. Your addiction. What a feeling.

I could have him. I thought.

If only I wasn't so fat.

A.N : Hi guys! I decided to start writing this story because it's semi real. (Not the falling in love part, that's a dream ha.) but the part about being fat. I know the feeling, and everything I write about how I feel about being fat, is what I truly believe. Also I read a lot of fan fiction and every single time the girl is a super model type, and honestly that is just not real. So that's why I'm here. To write what's real. The descriptions I write/wrote are exactly how I feel about said person. If you're reading this and are a directioner you obviously know who I'm talking about first. Anyways, I'm rambling. I have no plan for this story, I'm just writing to write. I know this chapter was short but it's just an introduction, I promise it'll get longer. I hope you guys will join me on this journey and I hope y'all like it! Make sure to vote  :)

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