The Weekend

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One Week Ago

I let my head fall into my books on my desk and I let out a dissatisfied groan. My roomie and good friend Lauren laughed at me from behind a book of her own that she was studying. I picked myself up and I looked at her. 

"This sucks." I said in a mumble. 

Lauren nodded with a chuckle, "Welcome to Oxford," she reminded.

This school asked so much of its students and it was beginning to take a toll on my brain. I lifted my right arm and looked at my jeweled watch that my Dad had given me for Christmas, I smiled remembering that day. And then I saw the time, it was time for work.

"Where does the time go!" I exclaimed with some anger.

"Don't ask me, I'm looking for it too," Lauren replied casually, while keeping her eyes on her book.

"I have to get to work." I moaned pushing myself up and getting out of my seat. I slipped on a jacket and grabbed my purse and umbrella just in case. I crossed my fingers it would not rain today, but we all know that it most likely will pour down. 

"See you when you get back," Lauren shouted to me as I walked out of the door of our dorm room. 

I gave a slight nod before closing the door behind me and then I was on my way. 

"You are going to be my date to the Villiers' this weekend," Dimitri informed and he said it with such confidence letting me know that I could not turn him down even if I did have other plans.

"But..." I stuttered out in nothing more than a mumble.

"There is no 'but', you will be my date and that is that," Dimitri insisted emphatically. 

I looked around the employee room that Dimitri had sneaked into to speak with me and I tried to find some type of way out of this, but knowing Dimitri there really was no way out this plan that he had come up with. 

"Go shopping and buy yourself a nice set of clothes," Dimitri advised coming close to me and slipping money in my pocket. 

I nodded slightly and my breath hitched from how close he was to me. 

"I'll pick you up Friday morning, all right?" He asked.

"All right." I replied.

I did want to know more about Dimitri's peculiar group of friends that he was so close with. My friend Kerry was always plagued with them every month when they would come in for a private dinner party. This was the best opportunity to learn more about them and to learn more of the handsome Dimitri, I wasn't going to miss it now. 

(Above is Lauren) 

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