Chapter 3

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Dean's POV
The figure quickly entered the tiny stall taking the towels from Dean's arm and looking at all the cuts and scars. Dean looked at the boy, it was Castiel Navok, one of the "nerds." "Please don't tell Jo." Dean knew Cas and Jo had been friends. "Why do you do this?" Cas said as he pulled a first aid kit from his bag. "I can't tell you, it will only make it worse." Dean's voice trembled.
Cas looked up from bandaging the other boy's arm. "You can tell me, are you being bullied?" Dean didn't say a word, just looked down. "Who's bullying you to this point?! Is it someone here?" Dean shook his head no. "Is it at home?" Dean hid his face in his hands but said nothing. "Oh my god, are you being abused at home?" Cas whispered softly.
Dean trembled as a sob escaped his lips. Cas wrapped the boy in a hug, letting him cry. Dean's arms were quickly around Cas, holding him close and not wanting him to go.

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