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dedicated to everyone who has ever been called a slut or has ever been judged over their sexual history

Ryder Burke is a slut. It's a known fact in Madison High that Ryder is down for pretty much everything- the stories written on the bathroom stalls are law, after all. Her infamy doesn't stop her from holding a place at the top of Madison High's food chain, though, until something happens at Georgia Brenner's annual New Year's Eve party. 

 All anyone knows is that Ryder was seen being led into a room by Ryan Morgan, Georgia's on again off again, and Mason Brenner, Georgia's twin brother, and that, two hours later, Ryder Burke was at the hospital. 

 But who will believe the school slut when she cries rape? 

 Weston Stark is the new kid in school. The son of a lawyer, he knows that Ryder should be able to tell her side of the story, no matter what the rumors about her imply. 

The problem is that no one else is willing to listen.

yooooooo. new story about slut shaming. if you didn't already know, slut shaming is the act of criticizing somebody because of their real or presumed sexual activity. basically, it's a bunch of people condemning others because they can get the d or the p. anywho, please don't steal this story. i'm normally a very nice person, but, if you piss me off (fyi, stealing this would, in fact, piss me off), i will come after with all the rage of a thousand suns. you've been warned. 

also, this will be dark. depressing. gloomy. the works. 

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