Chapter 1ne ~ The Demon

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"Lauren? Lauren where are you?" I whisper- yelled. I didn't want to alert the Devil that I was awake, or even here at all. I glanced at the clock and realized he wasn't home from work yet but he would be here any minute, so I hurriedly continued my search for my little sister. I peeked into the kitchen and saw her sitting in a space between the fridge and the stove. She was shaking and her eyes were big with fear.

He must be home.

I heard the knob on the front door jiggling and my heart sank; if he saw her in the kitchen then she would be punished for trying to eat before dinner. I had to do something no matter how sore I was from the last beating I'd gotten. I motioned for her to be quiet and I ran to the living room.

I stood besides the glass container that held his football trophy from highschool and waited, then he opened the door. I waited to see if he was in a really bad mood, or maybe if he'd hopefully go to his room. Unfortunately, it was my unlucky day.

"What do you think you're doing in my living room bitch?" he growled. He was absolutely wasted.

"Sorry. I was just uh..." I racked my brain for a good lie and said, "I was cleaning! I know you don't like your space being dirty while watching TV, so I cleaned." He just nodded and then turned toward the kitchen.

In one swift movement I had pushed the trophy on the floor. He stopped in his tracks and turned to face me slowly. When he saw the glass at my feet I stopped breathing and I saw his face turn red. He unhooked his belt and barreled toward me. I stepped back and then I felt a sting across my face. I fell and a foot connected with my stomach. I screamed but I couldn't help the smile that crept upon my face when I saw Lauren run up the stairs quietly.

My punishment lasted for about 10 minutes. I was bleeding on my cheek, arms, and legs. My body felt like every bone had been broken. I cried when I pulled my self to my feet. The devil was now in the kitchen, probably drinking more. I rolled my eyes and made my way upstairs and into my room. I went to the bathroom connected to it and assessed the damage. lt was really hard to breath, but I ignored that. I wiped away the blood and put on a sweatshirt and skinny jeans. I then gently made my way to Lauren's room with my phone in hand.

She was on her bed crying and she hugged me when she saw me. I cried out in pain and she quickly let go. "Wynter, I'm sorry! All l wanted was something to eat and-"

"Sweety, it's okay," I reasured her. "Get your backpack and a change of clothes. He's drinking. We're not staying here tonight." She nodded and I watched her grab some clothes from her closet and pack. I called Scarlet on speed dial and she answered after the third ring.

"Hey Scarlet. I need you to come pick us up. Now." I sniffled and it was easy to tell by my voice that I'd been crying. I felt like such a bother to my best friends sometimes, but I was more worried about Lauren.

"Oh God. Okay, l'm coming." She hung up and I grabbed Lauren's hand. We luckily got outside unnoticed and I wiped away her tears when I saw a tear slip down her cheek. She held onto my hand tighter and we got into Scarlet's black car when she pulled up.

*A few hours later at Scarlet's house*

"I wanna kill him." Scarlet quietly growled. I hadn't needed to tell them that I'd just been hurt again. They already knew because it was such a random call. Lauren was asleep with her head on my lap and I was playing with her brown hair.

"I do, too, Scarlet." Aqua was in the kitchen making food.

I felt dizzy and I was hurting everywhere still. This was by far the worst beating of my life, but I hadn't told either Aqua or Scarlet that.

I was too afraid that they would truly put a bullet in his head. Then I would be moved to a new family and I couldn't be seperated from Lauren. It would kill me.

Suddenly, Aqua came running into the living room squealing her head off. I stared at her and so did Scarlet, then we exchanged a 'what-is-so-exciting?' look. Aqua grabbed her backpack and faced us. "GUYS GUESS WHAT!!!" She screamed.

I shushed her and Scarlet said, "What?"

With an apologetic look towards me, she said, "IgotusticketstoaOneDirectioconcert!" What? I didn't understand a word she had said and I doubt Scarlet did either.

I guess Aqua understood that we didn't catch what she said because she repeated herself a lot slower, but she was smiling like a lunatic and jumping around. "!!"

A smile creeped onto my face too and I exclaimed, "No effin way!" I grabbed a pillow and screamed into it. This just made my day. I love the 1D boys! I've always dreamed of going to one of these! And then my face fell. Scarlet stopped doing her happy dance and so did Aqua when they saw me. "I can't go..." I whispered.

"Of course you can!" they both said kinda loud. But they were wrong. If all three of us were gone, Lauren would have nobody to watch her.

"I've gotta stay here with Lauren. She has nobody to watch her and there is no way I'm leaving her at my house with him. "

Aqua gave me a matter of fact look and stated, "I've already thought about that. My mom will watch her. She has nothing do to." I hated the thought of leaving Lauren, But this was ONE FREAKING DIRECTION! I'm sure she'd understand, right?

"Okay! I'll go! When is it?!" I asked.

Scarlet and I looked intently at her. "In two days. We're going to look so hot that all five boys will drop dead!" I gently set Lauren's head on the couch and hugged Aqua. I have the bestest friends in the world.

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