Chapter 11:Unwanted Surprise

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~Alyssa's POV~

Well, i'm glad that my skin is impenetrable. I fell down at least thirty times learning to skateboard. I finally have the hang of it, but it's late so Esme said that we have to come in.

As soon as i'm in the door, I noticed Alice glaring daggars at me. I look down at the many holes, ripps, and tears throughout my outfit. Right before I went to learn with Emmett, i changed my outfit. I was wearing a pair of jeans and a bright orange tank top that was now completely ruined.

"Sorry Alice." I say, walking over to her. She took my hand and we both gasped. The last thing I see before being sucked into the darkness, is Alice and I falling to the ground.

Darkness. I couldn't see or hear anything. It continued for a few minutes, but then an image took over my sight. I was standing in a big room infront of Aro, Cauis, and Marcus. None of them seemed to notice us though.

"Don't let go." Alice whispered. I hadnt even thought she was here until just now. "Us being in contact is what's making the vision be like this."

I nodded and looked at the beauty in this room. It looked like the inside of a castle that had come strait from a Shakespearean play.

"I see no use in waiting, Aro." Cauis said, rather impatiently. "Why don't we just go te the Cullen's now?"

"Marcus?" Aro asked, turning to face a calm, brown haired man. "Should we pay our dear friend Carlisle a visit a little earlier than planned?"

"I see no reason to wait." he replied, with a bored expression on his face.

"Very well, brothers. We will set out to the Cullens tomorrow morning." Aro said, as he sat down on his throne.

Alice and I shared a worried glance before the vision had dissapeared. Guess where i was now? The darkness. Again. This time, we were in the darkness for at least two hours. Occasionally, we would see glimpses of the guards or what it would look like outdide the day they come. We saw where we would be meeting them. That sort of thing.

Finally, the darkness turned to light and my eyelids fluttered open.

I sat up at the same time Alice did. My head felt rather strange, sort of light headed, but i had more things on my mind at the moment. We looked down at our hands. The hands that allowed us to have that amazing vision.

"Are you guys okay?" Jasper asks, throwing his arms around both Alice and I.

"That was...AMAZING!" Alice said, A little breathlessly.

"What was?" Jasper asked.

"The vision we just had." I answered before she could respond.

"THAT was a VISION?" Jasper nearly screamed. "You were both out cold for a day and a half! Whenever anyone would touch you, they would get shocked worse than what Kate can do!"

"Well...we got important information from it." Alice said.

"What information did you two get?" Edward asked, randomly joining the convorsation. He walked in the room a second later.

Alice looked at me, telling me with her eyes that she wanted me to tell them.

"Well..." i started. "the Volturi are coming a little sooner than we expected."

"When?" Emmett asked, walking into the living room.

"Tomorrow." I said. Everyone's faces turned into a mask of horror.

"Well...Damn, that doesn't leave us with much time." Emmett said.

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