Birthday Party

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Narrator's POV

It was the morning of Amber and Danielle's birthday and both of the girls were buzzing. Danielle was having a Skype date with Aunt Anna and her kids since Ethan refused to let them come to spend time with her to Spain. They fought over it but Ethan ultimately won because Danielle was tired of arguing.

Cristiano and Amber were having their own little fun in the shower. Amber woke up with her hormones on overdrive so she wanted shower sex. Cristiano accuse was that it was her birthday so birthday sex was a must.

After a while, everyone found themselves in the kitchen eating breakfast while watching or listening to the morning talk shows. Cristiano was thinking of his birthday surprise for the girls.

"So, ladies would you guys like to get your make up and hair done for the tonight or what?" he asked.

"Yeah, we are going out soon to get ready and get our clothes," Danielle said and Amber nodded biting off a piece of toast.

"Okay, good! I got some stuff I need to get done before tonight, so have fun!" he said reaching into his wallet grabbing his credit card and handed it to Amber.

Amber gave Cristiano and goodbye kiss and the girls were out the door on their way downtown to shop. Cristiano grabbed his keys and headed off to take his plan into action.

~ Later the evening ~

Amber and Danielle arrive back home and found a note lying between two vases full of flowers. One was full of purple orchids, which were for Amber and Daylilies for Danielle. The girls smiled at the flowers, they both thought it was very sweet of Cristiano to get them their favorite flowers. Amber picked up the note and read it out loud:

"Thought I would get something beautiful for two beautiful old ladies but that's not all. Since the night is still young and you are not (Haha see what it didn't there? Damn you two are old as fuck). Why don't you two go head down to the limo and see where it takes you? - C"

Danielle scowled at the note but still excited for what was to come. Amber rolled her eyes already done with her husband shit and the night hasn't even started yet. The girls went out to the limo and got in. Cristiano had a bottle of champagne labeled for Danielle and a carton of apple juice for Amber with a winky face on it. Danielle got herself a glass of champagne and Amber a glass of apple juice.

"Oh Cristiano is so funny putting apple juice in here for me. Asshole!" Amber said. Danielle laughed at the sight of Amber pouting.

"Smile Amber! Don't ruin this! You can't even drink anyways," Danielle laughed.

"Bitch," Amber laughed sipping on her apple juice.

The girls arrived to a nursing home and were they were told to get out of the limo. The driver drove off and left them standing outside trying to figure out what the hell was going on. It was a little chilly outside so the girls rushed in to get warm and to call Cristiano so he could curse him out.

"Oh, I am going to give him the biggest ass chewing of his life," Amber said walking into a very small ballroom. They found themselves at a party but not the kind of party they expected. It was a dinner for senior citizens. They looked on as they watched old people dancing and felt embarrassed. The girls walked in and looked around of signs of anyone they knew.

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