Part 1

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"So, this is erm fun right?.." Maya asked her date. She was in Topanga's with one of the members of the football team on a not so romantic date. The guys was called Brad and he's liked Maya since grade 8 so the blonde decided to give him a chance, however she was now suffering from one of the worst dates of her entire life.

"Yeah, you er look really hot by the way" He said whilst grabbing a toothpick and trying to remove the  remaining spinach from his teeth

"Erm thanks." She replied "Can you excuse me for a second?" Maya asked

"Yeah, mind if I eat some of your fries?" Bradley asked, to which Maya nodded

Maya quickly ran to the restrooms, thankful to escape from her awkward date. Instantly she called Riley who was hanging out with Farkle, Lucas and Zay. 

"Riles! Help me!"

"What's up? We were just playing some truth or dare" Riley said

"Riley!!! 101 HELP ME 101! Maya screamed from the phone. 101 was their code name for when they were stuck in awkward situations and needed to escape. The other friend would usually come and help in the situation; the problem was that everytime Riley would try to help Maya, she'd use awful excuses, such as 'Oh no, Maya your cats giving birth'

"What?!?! Is it that bad?"

"Yeah, I hate you and Lucas for setting this up"

"Hmm, i'm going to give Lucas the phone okay?"


"Hey Shortstack" Lucas said, causing Maya to glare, eventhough he wasn't there

"Huckleberry help me!" She regretted this date more than anything

"As much as I love to hear those words come from your moth Maya, I can't. Too tired"

"Lucas. HELP ME OR I SWEAR I WILL GET YOU" Maya screamed, now more desperate than ever

"Whoah, chill. Brad is on the football team with me, he's not so bad .Plus, he really likes you" Lucas said, attempting to make the situation seem better

"Lucas, it's so awkward I can't deal. He's the worst date ever, he keeps commenting on how hot I look and he's just pissing me off to the maximum. Please come save me"

"Your saviour is coming, but only if you beg" Lucas said, now smirking

"I hate you"

"Oh okay, i'm just gonna hang up th---"

"No!!" Maya interrupted him, sighing. "Lucas, I'm begging you to help me" She replied, in the softest whisper

"I'm sorry what?" Lucas said, eventhough he'd heard her

"You know what I said"  Maya replied through gritted teeth

"Nope I didn't, but if you're going to be so bitter then I can just leave-----" He said, smirking through the phone


"I'm on my way" He replied back. Hanging up the phone

Maya breathed a huge sigh of relief. She walked over to the mirror and quickly re applied some of her makeup then slowly walked back to her date

"Damn Mama, didn't think you could get any hotter" Bradley said, checking her out

"Mm. Thanks" she said, trying to force out a smile

"So listen. There's homecoming coming up and everything yeah?"

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