A Curse of Luck (A kidnapped story) (22)

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"Kieran." I whisper softly.


"Why are you doing this?"

"Doing what?"

"Holding me."

"I want to cherish the moment."

"The moment?" What does he mean?

"Yeah, while it last."

"While what last?"

I get no answer back, and from the lack of him stroking my hair and his breathing deepening its a good guess he fell asleep. I follow soon after hoping everything works out tomarrow.



Whitney's (pov)


My internal clock starts to go off making me wake up. I still have my eye's closed but I know its morning because it's much lighter behind them. I snuggle deeper into my pillow not wanting to get up. Then my mind begins to clear and also wake up and I remember everything we must do today, which makes my stomach start doing flips from anxiety.

When I say we I mean me and Kieran must find Mora, Gwen's friend so we can have Cara go with her to avoid her being sold to Calder's demonic friend. I think his name is Mathew or something. And on paper our little plan seem not amazing but not bad and it could work.

But then theres reality, theres so many different variables to consider. Theres to many things that could go horrible wrong. One being we get lost and never find where Mora lives. Then theres the threat of having Calder's friend realizes we have double crossed him and Calder and they come looking for us, to most likely end are lives.

This is far from being simple and I hope we can pull it off without injuries or death. Then I remember last night; involving Kieran and I falling asleep in the same bed. Well more like Kieran forcing me to sleep in the same bed as him. It really wasn't as horrible or as awkward as I would have thought it to be but theres always this morning when were both awake.

I hope he'll realize how weird it is and stop being so, so I don't know um, hopefully he'll just stopping acting so affectionate towards me. If that's even what he's doing, I mean he did kiss me after all, even if was part of a deal he still wanted to.

But than again maybe he's just messing with me for his own sick amusement. I don't know and I don't think I want to know, if he does like me it would make things 100% more complicated. He's a demon not only that but he's actually part of Will, it just, just cant work out, we cant be together; at least not in a romantic way.

Deciding not to worry or over think my situation with Kieran/Will, I think its time to get up and put my plan into action, the sooner the better. I shift a bit and realize Kieran has one of his arms around my waist. I remember him doing this last night but I got so used to the feeling I forget it was still there. I grab ahold of his fore arm and pull it off not hard just firmly, his hold slacks and it is really easy to pull away from him. But while I did this I felt how sweaty and warm his skin feels, eww gross.

I shift in a sitting position and I turn to look at Kieran, he has to wake up too. He looks, looks strange, his face is glistening with sweat and his breathing is very uneven and erratic. He looks sick," Kieran " I call softly. I glance over at Cara and see she's still sleeping.

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