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I realise that this thing (I never know what to call it - open to suggestions!) has become quite popular; certainly more popular than I'd ever expected. Over 5000 reads is completely incredible and I can't get my head round it. I'm so glad that this has reached so many people, as my goal in writing it was to educate people about asexuals/aromantics and possibly make someone think before they say something that could be hurtful. I hope it's helped, in some small way, to reduce some of the erasure and loneliness that we encounter so often.

However, this thing is also very short. Sometimes I see comments on my wanderings through the internet and think "I should add that in!" but I never do.

I'm suffering from a chronic shortage of aro/acephobia to write sarcastic comments about, which is why I'm appealing to you wonderful readers for help. Please comment with any examples you've found or heard, and of course I'll credit you if I add it. If there's enough of them it could be a new section: "Aro/acephobia: reader's edition" (and please tell me if that's a terrible title).

Update 14.4.17: Apologies it's been so long, I promise I will do this in a couple of months when I'll have a lot more free time after my exams.
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