Diary of a teenage prostitute...

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Diary of a teenage prostitute

Pain shot through me as the man thrust between my legs making me wince in agony. He held my hair tightly. This had been going on for ages . My vision blurred as tears welled up in my eyes, I looked around the dark alleyway the street lamp's orange light brightened up narrow area in the nights darkness. The street lamp flickered as the little flies danced around the light. I started to feel numb. He had stopped. Finally. I didn't look up at his face , I heard him zip up his trousers and buckle his belt. He through a wet condom in my face. I felt sick.

"See you next time baby doll." His deep voice interrupted the silence of the alleyway making me shudder.

He reached out to stroke my hair. I flinched away from his touch closing my eyes. He through a bunch of notes in my face and laughed. I gathered them. This was my 'job'.

He walked away. I sat on the cold hard ground , my thighs ached. I stumbled standing up trying to pull my skirt down. The cold wind hugged my skin, making my teeth chatter. Walking was painful , I walked with my legs slightly parted for the agony to subside. He was very 'big'. I carried on down the dark street already able to see my house , the light was off in my mothers room.

My mother and father were the most caring people ever , I had the most loving family. And I treated them with ignorance , like strangers. Why I had turned out like this baffled them. They don't know about my life and if its down to me they never will.

I got to the end of the pavement and made my way across the road ,all of a sudden I fell to the ground in the middle of the road. It took a while to register that I had broken I heal.

"Get out the fucking road girl !" A truck driver yelled. I quickly got up and took off both my shoes ,carrying on my journey bear foot.

I got to my house door and walked round the side to were my window was, I climbed uneasily up a rope ladder I had left earlier. I stepped into my room, walked straight into my bathroom and turned on the cold tap in my bath. I looked in the mirror. I felt sick with myself . Dirty. I took the back of my hand and wiped my lips smudging lipstick across my face. The tears in my eyes finally started to spill over and run down my checks bringing my mascara with it, colouring under my eyes black like my hair. My flat grey eyes grew livid. With a sudden moment my fist flue into the mirror shattering it letting glass drop where it may. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs , take the anger out of me! I wanted to smash things , break things ,go crazy! I slid down onto the floor with my back against the bath. There was an odd pain in my knuckles , I look at my fist. My blood dyed a small area of floor , I pulled a long shard of glass out from between my knuckle ,I grit my teeth as the glass cut my skin further. I stood up and turned the tap off. The bath was full with ice cold water. I took off all my clothes and got in , the temperature barely made a difference to my skin as I lay there in still silence. The water lightly tinted red as time passed. I sank under the water merging my self fully. I hate my life.

Authors comment : Hii =D This might be a new book i dont know , i have loads of ideas for this story as well as my other one. is it good so far should i carry on ?Is it to much of a harsh subject? Comment please I really need to know =) Thank you !


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