My head really hurts when I start to come to. I blink several times, trying to adjust my eyes to the darkness of the room that I'm in. Even then, I can barely see. It looks like I'm in some sort of a dungeon, with the concrete walls and the overall dingy feel. I attempt to reach up and touch my pounding head, but I can't move my hands. I look down, only to realize that I'm tied to a chair.

"Oh my god, holy shit," I whisper, realizing what a bad situation I'm in.

This is the second time that I've been kidnapped in the past week, but this time, I know it's much worse. Braxton was super nice to me. Overbearing, yeah, but he treated me like I was his girlfriend or something. This is like an actual kidnapping.

It weird to think about, but right now, I'm actually longing for Braxton. Even though he wouldn't let me go home, I felt safe, and hell, even kind of happy with him.

My stomach rumbles and I figure I've been out for a while. I can't stop the tears from falling down my cheeks. I am going to die here?

I don't know how long I'm sitting there, waiting for something bad to happen. Finally, I hear voices getting closer and closer to me. I can't make out what they're saying, but I'm getting a really uneasy feeling from them.

Thinking fast, I lay my head back, and pretend that I'm still passed out. I try my best to even out my breaths, as well as my racing heart.

Ominous footsteps get louder and louder, until they finally stop right in front of me. It's silent for a few seconds before a super creepy voice speaks up. "We know you're awake, Brynlee."

I cringe when he says my name, and slowly open my eyes. There's two guys in front of me, one of which I recognize as Damien. I have no idea who the one that spoke is, but he definitely looks like he could be a serial killer or something.

I don't know what to say, so I swallow, waiting for one of them to say something.

"How are you feeling?" the creepy, unidentified guy asks me. He looks like he is at least 40.

Not gonna lie, I'm a little annoyed that they decided to kidnap me literally right after I finally got away from Braxton, so I can't help my sarcastic reply. "Fine, I guess, considering the fact that I got knocked out, my head hurts like a bitch, and I'm tied up in some dungeon!"

Damien chuckles at my words, while mystery guy doesn't look like he has any sense of humor. "I don't care how much I need you, I will not tolerate any disrespect, understood?"

He looks pretty serious, so I reply with a meek "Understood."

He smiles then, and asks "Are you hungry?"

I nod in response, pretty sure that this guy has some major anger issues, so it's probably a pretty bad idea to piss him off again.

"Go get her something, Damien," he says, and Damien immediately follows his orders.

It's quiet once Damien leaves, so I decide to break the ice.

"Who are you? Why did you kidnap me? Where are we?" I'm ready to keep asking the many questions that I have, when the man holds a hand up.

Damien walks in suddenly, causing the man to look over at him. He has an apple and what looks like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in his hands.

The two seem to have a silent conversation, before Damien walks towards me and unties one of my hands. I wince when I look down and see a red mark where the ropes once were. Damien hands me the food and I immediately grab the sandwich and dig in.

"I apologize for being such a horrible host by not even introducing myself to our guest," the man starts.

I nearly choke on my food because of his word choice. Host? Guest? What is this guy smoking?

He holds out a hand for me to shake, so I hesitantly put down my food and comply.

"My name's Sebastian-"

The second that he tells me his name, I rip my hand from his grasp. I feel dumb for not putting two and two together and realizing that this is the Sebastian that Natalie and Caden told me about. The one that murdered Braxton's parents. Well, I wasn't wrong earlier about him looking like a serial killer.

Sebastian laughs at my reaction. "I see that Braxton told you about me, huh?"

I nod hesitantly, not knowing what else to do.

"He told you about how I killed his parents, yes?"

Again, I nod. At this point, I'm getting a bit nervous that he may just decide to kill me next.

An angry look enters Sebastian's eyes and I gulp.

"But did he mention the fact that when his filth of a father was the Alpha of  Dark Eclipse, they destroyed my entire pack?! Every single member, with no regard to their gender or age! Except me, they kept me and me alone alive because there is no punishment worse for an Alpha than to lose their entire pack!"

I stare at Sebastian with wide eyes, unsure of whether or not I should believe anything that he says. He looks pretty emotional though, so if he is lying, he is a damn good actor.

"They even killed my Luna! She was pregnant with our first pup!" Now, the tears fall from his eyes, and I can't help but let a few tears slip too. "I would have been a father..."

I can still see the anger in Sebastian eyes, but it's almost completely masked by his anguish, which makes me feel absolutely horrible for him.

"...I'm so sorry that they did that, but that doesn't mean that you should have gone killed him and his wife in retaliation," I whisper.

Sebastian turns his now furious eyes on me. "I see being raised by humans and not having the ability to shift has softened your primal side. "

I furrow my eyes at his words, but make no comment, not wanting to upset him any further (if that's even possible considering how pissed he already is.)

"Trust me when I say that killing that scum of an Alpha and his Luna isn't even half of what I have planned in order to avenge my pack. I'm going to slaughter the entirety of Dark Eclipse, just like they killed my own pack, and I am going to start with your mate."


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