Thanksgiving Kat-astrophe

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A/N: So, I'm doing this is Johanna's POV for my friend that recommended it itgirl188 .


"Gee, Katniss," Gale starts, taking his coat off and hanging it up on a hook. "Your house sure looks festive this year."

"Yeah," I roll my eyes. "I feel like I'm going to hurl."

"What was that, dear?" Katniss's mother asks.

"Oh, I said that Katniss is a very talented girl." I force a smile.

"Oh, yes." She claps her hands together joyfully. "We're very proud of both her and Primrose."

Primrose, or Prim, is Katniss's little sister. I don't like either of them but I'm here because I was invited.

The doorbell rings and Plutarch Heavensbee, Katniss's step-father opens the door, revealing Cato and Clove. "Good evening," Plutarch greets them, smiling.

"Hi," both say in unison.

"Mom made some green bean casserole, if you don't mind." Clove says, holding up the dish.

"Oh, no, not at all." The woman takes the dish into the kitchen and sets it down on the table. "Just take a seat and the others should be here soon." Mrs. Everdeen-Heavensbee says timidly with a fragile smile and the couple sits down at the dinner table.

"Thank you for having us over," Clove says, a sweet smile on her face.

"Oh, no problem, dear." The smiling woman says, walking back to the kitchen.

"Golly!" Cato exclaims. "This sure is a nice house."

"Why, thank you, my boy." Plutarch smiles. "It was established in eighteen-fifteen by my great-great grandfather. It's just been updated a lot since then."

"Well, that's amazing!" The boy's eyes light up. "The decorum is beautiful, it's hard to believe that this house is over a hundred years old."

"I know," The man laughs. "So-" he's cut off by the doorbell. He sighs. "I got it." He stands up and walks to the door, opening it and revealing Finnick, Annie, Marvel, and Glimmer. "Hello, children." He greets them.

"Hi." They all say in unison and walk in.

"Umm," Finnick says, taking in the smell. "It sure does smell good in here." They all walk in the kitchen and take seats.

"So, Cato," Plutarch starts his sentence again.

Mrs. Everdeen-Heavensbee walks in with a big plate of turkey. "Dinner is served." She sets it on the table and takes a seat.

"So-" Plutarch starts once more.

"It's my turn to say grace," Prim says and everyone takes each other's hands and bow their heads, closing their eyes as Prim starts. I don't. I don't believe the way they do, but we all have different beliefs.

Bursts of "Amen" goes around the table and everyone starts fixing their plates.

"We all thank you for having us over to eat," Finnick says kindly.

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