Chapter Twenty Four

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Charlie awoke to the pleasant smell of a wonderful breakfast that would fill his nose on the mornings he would wake up back at the Burrow. He sat up, his back slightly aching from sleeping on the uncomfortable floor to see his mother moving around in the kitchen as if she were in her own kitchen back home. His father was sitting at the table enjoying his morning cup of tea, but Anora was nowhere in sight.

Placing the blanket on the sofa, Charlie stood up fully and stretched his body before greeting his parents.

"Mornin' Charlie." Molly said walking over and pulling him into a hug. "Happy Christmas."

"Happy Christmas." he said in response with a smile to the two of them. "Where's Anora?"

"Apparently, she had some work to do." Molly shook her head. "It's Christmas morning, I highly doubt that there is any work she needs to be doing."

"Well, we do work at a dragon sanctuary, Mum. There's always work to be done, honestly."

"Can't the other workers take care of it?"

"Anora doesn't like it when the other workers take care of it because they don't do it her way which then makes it wrong in her book. It's really just best that she does it herself."

"She does get the work done." Arthur piped in. "When she came down to the Ministry, I thought she was going to rip someone's head off. Never seen so much fire in her eyes, but I guess when you're passionate about something, it'll eventually show somewhere."

Charlie grinned. "I wish she would have woken me up, I would have helped her."

"Would you have woken her if she were asleep to go do some work in this weather?" Molly asked him.

"No, of course I wouldn't I-" he stopped when his parents exchanged glances. "Wait a second...what was that? Why are you two looking at each other like that?"

"No reason." Molly said turning around to get back to work.

"There is so a reason."

"Don't know what you're talking about, son." Arthur focused his gaze somewhere else.

Suddenly, the front door opened revealing the heavy snowfall and wind taking place outside, and a snowy haired woman shivering as she crossed the threshold.

"Whoo! It is freezing out there!" Anora's teeth chattered as she rubbed her hands together.

Molly gasped and nearly fainted at the sight of Anora, before Arthur grabbed her.

"What?" Anora said looking around her. "Was it something I said?"

She looked to Charlie who let out a small laugh before making his way over to her.

"She might be reacting like that because of your appearance."

"My appearance? I walked out the door this morning like this and no one said anything-"

"Were you covered in animal blood?"

Anora looked down to her stained clothing. "Ah. Forgot about that." she said with a face. "Whoops. Sorry!" she called over to Molly.

She turned back to Charlie. "It was feeding time."

"Why didn't you wake me up to go help you? Who helped you?"

"I couldn't wake you up. You and Iggy looked far too comfortable resting. Besides I had Nicola help me."

"You? You worked with Nicola? Peacefully?"

Anora turned around with a grin. "Of course, I sent her off to feed the elders while I took care of the young."

"That's evil of you."

"Or smart. I prefer smart."

"How about crazy?"

"I settle for that." she said.

"You might want to go change."

"Riiight. I probably should." she said turning to face Molly. "If it makes you feel any better, it's not my blood!"

Molly's face paled even more.

"That didn't help at all, just go change."

"I'm going."

Instead of just changing, Anora decided to shower as well to make sure there was no blood on her to freak Molly out, although she found it slightly funny.

Charlie changed into regular clothing when he walked back into the kitchen to find his parents whispering among themselves.

"Now you two are to say it out loud?"

"We were discussing you getting a hair cut." Molly replied smartly.

But Charlie was certain that they were discussing something else.

"Come on, what was it really?"

Molly glanced over her shoulder before looking to Arthur.

"We were talking about you and Anora."

"What about Anora and I?" Charlie asked confused.

"We were wondering what was the situation between you two?"

Charlie's face scrunched up in puzzlement. Molly shook her head believing her son was putting on a face and hiding his relationship with Anora.

"Oh come now, Charlie, you're an adult now, I understand. I didn't think you and Anora would run off together, you two were more than welcomed to be together while you were in two certainly don't have to hide it now."

"Hide it? I'm not hiding anything...and neither is Anora."

"You mean to tell me there is nothing going on between you two?"

"No...we're friends. Just friends."

"I don't believe that for a second." Molly said bluntly. "It's not good to lie to your mother, either."

"I'm not lying there is nothing going on between us!"

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